YAMM: Yet Another Money Manager

Hey everyone!

For my final year project, I’m developing a tool designed to aggregate data between multiple financial accounts. It’s called YAMM (the acronym stands for Yet Another Money Manager). The plan is to support Monzo (of course!) and a few other banks / credit card / savings providers. It would be really helpful if I could have some more responses to my market research survey in order to work out which institutions to target - it’ll take a maximum of 2 minutes to complete.

I’d also welcome any feedback below :slight_smile:


Just to let everyone know, Ben has run this topic past the Monzo team, before posting it so please don’t flag it as spam :wink:


Hi Ben, I’ve completed the survey - good luck with the project.

I’m sure you are aware of this but as of January '18 you’ll need to be regulated by the FCA to provide this service to end customers (as you’ll be considered an AISP under PSD2) but you’ll also have the opportunity to use the CMA9 APIs instead of screen scraping the data (https://www.openbanking.org.uk/2017/07/05/open-banking-launches-account-transaction-information-payment-initiation-api-specifications/).


I don’t believe I would be considered an AISP (Account Information Service Provider) - I will be providing code licensed under the GPL (mostly Java, with some HTML / CSS / JavaScript), not account information. This is YAMM’s USP: the aggregation is done on the end-users computer. They’re free to inspect the source code and modify it if they wish.


Good point, if you are just providing the code to end users rather than essentially acting as a proxy for them you probably do fall out of scope of being an AISP (although part of me feels you are more in a grey area…). I had made an assumption about the way you were thinking YAMM would work that was obviously not correct! :slight_smile:

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