Payday loans?

Have any of you (or your kids) ever taken out a payday loan - eg Wonga / 118 / Smart Pig etc?

I’m working for a new campaign against high-interest loans and payday lenders (with a view to creating new solutions).

Message me or leave a reply if you’d be interested in taking part in a short interview around

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Saw this thread from @Dannytc: Payday Loans to Debt Free

Might you be interested in taking part, @Dannytc?


Definitely talk to @dannytc :grinning:


Psst Danny, remember to tell him your fee upfront :+1:


Ask away ! I’m more than willing to help with anything ! :slight_smile:


Ok, here’s a bit about for the not for profit campaign I’m helping setup.

It’s called Debt Hacker, we’re campaigning to put power in the hands of borrowers and help them fight back against exploitative, high-cost lending. We want a world where people with problem debt get treated fairly and can take back control of their money.

It’s launching in the next few weeks with a tool to help people make claims against unaffordable loans.

I’ve got some questions that I hope will form a case study we can use about how much debt you got into, what triggered taking out a pay day loan, how (if) you got out of debt and generally how you feel about payday lenders.

Happy to take this over to email if it’s easier?


I had a problem in the past with payday loans. They’re a very easy trap to fall into. I’d be happy to contribute any info you need about them.

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Hi @stephenward,

Thanks for the offer.

Would be great if you could message me your email?

@Dannytc has been a fantastic help already and can vouch for the legitimacy of Debt Hacker, the campaign I’m working on.

We’ll then be in touch to find out more about your story.

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Hi Ben, happy to help. Email me any questions and I’ll reply as soon as I can.


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