Amend scheduled payment amount

It would be really useful if you could amend the amount for a scheduled payment rather than having to cancel it and set up a new one.

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AFAIK the only time you are prevented from doing this is for scheduled payments that were transferred as part of a CASS. Scheduled payments that were created in the app should be editable.

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@tbutz is correct. You can edit a manually entered Scheduled payment- well, you can on :android: at least.

Could be referring to a scheduled pot transfer, which show up in the list of scheduled payments and aren’t editable (on iOS at least). Hopefully it will be fixed in the upcoming rethink of the payments interface.

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Yes, I meant scheduled transfers to pots on iOS.

Yeah, still waiting for this feature.

Cannot see why it has not been implemented already.

Real :basketball: ache at times.

@Alexburnett - Add your vote to the discussion here:

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