Amending scheduled payments

I use pots in Monzo for long-term saving and I often need to amend scheduled payments I have set up to transfer money from my Monzo current account.

Currently the only way to amend a scheduled deposit amount or date is to cancel the entire payment and then set up a new one. I’m finding this very tedious as I have lots of scheduled payments set up, and they change from month to month in line with my variable income. (I’m self employed).

Please can the developers change this feature so that it is possible to just amend the amount, or date without having to go through the whole process of cancelling the whole scheduled payment and setting up a new one? This is the way scheduled payments work currently with Starling and also RBS’s standing orders work this way too.

I appreciate if this could be looked into.

Many thanks


There’s already a thread for this. I suggest you add your vote.

FYI - the issue only affects scheduled pot transfers on iOS. Standing orders to external accounts can be edited and scheduled transfers to pots can be edited on Android.

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Great, I have just voted. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

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