Replacing a lost card 💳

Hey everyone :wave: I’m Guy, a backend engineer on the Monzo US team. A small but useful update for you today :lock:

We’ve all had that moment - when you can’t find your phone. Or keys. Or worse … your Monzo card. Even with its bright hot coral color, you can’t find it and you’ve looked everywhere.

You can freeze your card in-app at any time with one tap, and defrost it once you’ve actually found your card. :snowflake:

But what if it’s really lost?

The dreaded message to customer support only for them to ask for another selfie video — just kidding, our support team are the best. :heart:

Well now, you can order a replacement card right in the app!

  1. Tap the “Manage” tab for the card you need to replace

  2. Scroll down and tap “I need a new card”

  3. Tap the reason why you need a new card

  4. Confirm your name and address where it will be sent

We’ll get a new card sent to you right away. :mailbox_with_mail: Your old card will be automatically deactivated so no one else can use it.