Repeating payment changes value

So I commute to work by ScotRail. Depending on the time of travel, the fee is different (£2.10 if I take the 9.12am train vs £3 for the 8.52am train). Now I mostly travel at 9.12, and I set a repeating payment for £2.10 daily.
Now, whenever I happen to have finished my coffee a little earlier, I pay £3. When that happens, all my predicted repeated payments for the month change from £2.10 to £3 and stay like that even if the next day I pay £2.10 again. Correspondingly, the next £2.10 payments will not go into the predicted section, they’ll go into the usual spending.

I understand why you’d override the £2.10 with £3 but I think that it should also go another way after that, from £3 to £2.10. Or, maybe I’d like to see a smarter way of recognizing such payments (e.g. daily transport fee to work could be either a bus fare or a train fare under £5 around 9am).

I have a feeling that this is a feature rather than a bug, that’s why I decided to open a topic here rather than in the big section. What do people think about this? Am I the only one with this problem?

It makes some sense that spending is looked at daily, and the previous day is ‘carried over’.

What I think you are wanting is to add a ‘time’ factor to that as well. I can imagine it’s technically possible but becomes very complex. You want a 9am ‘switch over’ for example, but others might want it to kick in at 8am? Or 9.30am, or… you can see where I’m going.

Not sure what the solution is but doubt this set of scenarios would be simple to build (I could be very wrong!).

Could you split the difference maybe/ Average out the repeating payment at £2.55? Equally, if all the difference is how fast you drink your coffee, you could just wait for the after 9am train! :wink: