Reorder accounts

I can currently reorder my pots, however some of my pots are for savings which I don’t touch and the balance is less important to me than other accounts I have.

I’d like a way to reorder accounts as well as pots - for example, showing a credit card I’m trying to pay off as a tile immediately after my current account, rather than scrolling through my current account, current account pots, joint account, and joint account pots before I get to it.

You can hide those to reduce the amount of scrolling.

You can tap the home button to jump through accounts which is loads quicker.

Just two suggestion to make your life a bit easier while the ability to sort accounts is considered :slight_smile:

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Thanks for this! I’ve done that and it’s made life a lot easier!


If you have more than one connected account you can also reorder them so as @Ordog describes, you can press home to scroll through and get to the account in question quicker.