Change the 'Family' Category

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I tag household purchases under ‘Family’ - avoiding ‘Shopping’ getting a little too high every month. The logo is already a house and appears to be made for household purchases in general.

Could we rename ‘Family’ to ‘Home’ at all? Just outward thinking.

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But I use it for things for the kids, presents for the family and pets. Wouldn’t make sense if it was called home. I use general for stuff for the house


I use it for things related to my family too, parents, niece, sister, partner, etc.

If you are ‘avoiding Shopping getting a little too high every month’ wouldn’t it be easier to adjust that category budget to be realistic? Or am I missing something?


I was thinking more along the lines of not everybody having a family, but a household. So kids, pets, improvements, furniture etc. could come under ‘Home’ or ‘Household’

My spending is fine… but I just thought to myself when buying dishwasher salt that it was a ‘Home’ transaction, rather than ‘Shopping’ - and subsequently put it under ‘Family’ despite being a city flat sharer with no family.

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I think in general every monzo user will manipulate a category in a similar manner unfortunately.

I personally use “Expenses” for my girlfriend for example :laughing:

More categories or custom categories is something that will be looked at down the line apparently… In the meantime I recommend that if this is a bugbear for you that you add your voice to the exsiting thread on this so we can show monzo this is a bigger annoyance for many than they think :slight_smile:

If youd be happy with this we can maybe get your thread merged with the others?

I’d probably categorise this under groceries to be honest.

I like the suggestion of a home category though or even Family & Home

I use for family things as well, shopping is shopping

Monzo could just let us add custom categories but well :roll_eyes:


I think changing “Bills” to “Household” (or “Home”) and then having a “Committed Spend” toggle would work better:

I usr it the same way

Then where do I put my pet expenses? :sob:

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I use the family “house” icon category for home and household things too :+1:t2:

And the personal care “heart” icon category for family and pets :joy::man_facepalming:

Actual personal care expenses just go into groceries as I use this for mixed supermarket shopping.

I use the Family categories whenever I buy coffee. I use the Groceries category for petrol. I use the Eating Out category for when I send money to friends, I use the Shopping category for all the money I move to my savings.

Or at least, I may as well because without custom categories this discussion will never end.