Removal of profile pic

Currently if you add a profile pic you are unable to remove it (back to to just your initials) only replace it another profile picture. I want to remove my profile pic.

Are you on ios or android? sketch-1551479240246

Ah iOS

All I have is

  • Import from Facebook
  • Take photo
  • Choose from Library

Just tried on iOS and the option was there to remove. After I’d selected remove the pic was still there and I only had the same options you have. Hard closed the app and the pic has gone

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This is what I have

Force close the app and reopen.

I wonder if it’s already been deleted, but is cached in the app. Forcing a reload might clear it up, would explain why you can’t see a remove option - might already have gone!

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That didn’t work but looks like a fix went out for this overnight as the option is there this morning!

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