Remaining Standing Order Payments

Hey everyone, my first thread on the forum - I guess it had to be an idea! :smile:

I recently switched and went #FullMonzo. In my old account with RBS, I had a standing order set up which was 12 payments of x amount. I had set it up so that after 12 payments had been made, the standing order terminated.

However, having used the CASS (Current account switch service - noting for those who, like me, had no idea what that acronym was) I see that there’s no way for me to see if this rule switched over? I believe it has kept the rule in place so that it does indeed terminate, but there’s no way of me, as a user, knowing this. Unless I’m wrong? So…

:bulb: The idea…

Allow users to see how many payments are left on a standing order. It’s a nice little bit of motivation to say ‘woohoo, only x payments left’.

What’s your thoughts everyone?

For standing orders that have been setup in Monzo you can check the end date by tapping the standing order and then tapping ‘edit payment’. Is this available when the standing order is created by CASS?

It doesn’t provide exactly what you are asking but at least allows you to check an appropriate end date has been set up.

Monzo doesn’t provide the ability to set up standing orders for X number of payments. You have to specify an end date instead (or specify no end date), which is perhaps why there is no element indicating how many payments are remaining.

But I agree, it would be a useful piece of information to have.


I’ve just had to contact Support to find out how many payments I have left on a standing order. I didn’t want to contact them about it, seems like a waste of time but I need to know it.

I’d of thought this would be relatively simple to add the rest of the details on a Standing Order in app

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