Redesigning Spending

(James Murray-Ferris) #125

They have been ahead with things like fingerprint reader on android said 8 months and that’s already been released so they are racing ahead with some things.

(Jake Tame) #126

True, although not fully implemented yet as there is no fingerprint support for internal tasks.

(Dan) #127

On a video on the Monzo YouTube yesterday, it’s currently in User Testing I think :slight_smile: Video Here…


Would really like to use the app’s spending targets feature but, like many people I’m sure, it’s mostly only useful if I can use it for the month as defined between different paydays rather than the calendar month (and is downright confusing with its normal setup and odd paydays). I’m one of the lucky people who gets paid mid-month and was really surprised to see I couldn’t already change this. Any chance of being able to do so? Thanks!


Hello @jtm :wave:

I moved your post here as we are looking at sprucing up the payments tab! There’s a lot of ideas in this thread :slight_smile:

(Alia Le Baube) #130

I think there should be an option to change when the spending month starts because I would prefer it to starts when my rent is due.

(Richard Cook) #131

It’s coming :slight_smile:


I think it wouldn’t be useful if you could plan your spending around the dates you get paid rather than month ends!

(Alex Sherwood) #133

Here’s the latest design :slight_smile:

It looks like transfers will be identified too :eyes:

Click the :arrow_down_small: to view the full post.

(Alex Wright) #134

Do we know when the Redesigned spending is being released? By the dribble link it sounds like it’s being released today

(Alex Sherwood) #135

Haha the short answer is not today :wink: Zander’s mentioned that this is still a work in progress.

They’re teasing the changes in the monthly updates though so it’s probably (hopefully) not too far away..


I’m looking forward to this. Give me Apple Pay and the new Breakdown feature, and you can have my salary!


Agreed and also maybe the best way to decide on a default set of categories is to let everyone make their own and see what categories are most popular.

(James Murray-Ferris) #138

You may get the option to do this if you are part of the Remote user testing list which was put up a while ago as I just got a survey about Help Catagories and how they should be arranged …let me dig it out haha

(Daniel) #139

Have we heard anything about how targets will work on this new design?

Also, are we getting the fix for incoming money not reflecting in category spending totals at the same time as this launches?

(James Murray-Ferris) #142

There is a thread for Emma golden tickets Emma VIP tickets

(Alex Gregory) #143

For me spending categories is still missing something. I want to see all of my spending as a pie chart which I can then change the time scope, to see how my spending has changed/improved over time. I.e move a slider and the eating out slice gets smaller, but the groceries slice gets bigger.

Something that would really help this is by having 'vice categories e.g. alcohol/cigarettes/coffee/takeaway. After all these are the things that people feel sensitive to.



Can we have a Coin Jar catergory that’s accurately reflected in Spending Analytics? Or even better, just a solution to the following… Since I activated Coin Jar :blue_heart: my overall spending target has been out of whack, which is frustrating.

(Bradley) #145

This ocurred to me a while ago… But with the spending redesign, are Monzo effectively incorporating targets and scrapping ‘Targets’ as a standalone feature? If so, does this mean Android will effectively be receiving Targets soon?


Unsure if you’re replying in part to me, but I just hope the much vaunted ‘Spending Redesign’ solves the issues with targets and categorisation.
I’m using iOS app so don’t know much about the Android app.