Redesigning Spending


This used to work perfectly, but broke a few weeks ago :frowning:

It’s worth reporting via in app chat to indicate it is affecting you.

(Matthew Kay) #106

Thanks - good to know not just me!

(Kenny Grant) #107

This is exactly my experience, and is a big problem with the current spending tab for me.

Still it’ll be nice to see at least some things addressed on spending (like hiding certain transactions).

(Richard Cook) #108

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Change dates that the spend resets to middle of month
(Daniel Gilmore) #109

Hey, Love the app.

I was wondering whether the ‘spent’ summary on the home tab will eventually show a running total for the day.

I’ve noticed that currently the ‘spent’ daily summary only shows what has been spent and doesn’t subtract any money i may have received back. It just makes looking at it as a daily summary a bit misleading.


(Tony Hoyle) #110

It also includes regular bills, so is often a bit useless…

I expect splitting things into pots will eventually make the number more meaningless.

(James Shrager) #111

When you send money to another bank account you own you have to categorise it as a spending category which is completely inaccurate.

I sent myself £x from my Lloyds bank account, then sent it back to my Lloyds account, and now the spending tab is completely wrong.

For such a basic use case I’m surprised this still hasn’t been solved. It actually irritates me how such a simple issue clearly wasn’t thought through and how it must be so simple to fix.

(Tom ) #112

There’s lots of changes coming to spending and targets that is likely to fix this.

I’m also not sure it’s fair to assume anything is a simple fix as we don’t know how any of the backend works - unless you know something I don’t?


I don’t know how the back-end works either, but I wonder whether this would be an example where built in “if this then that” functionality would come in useful. The trick would be a simple user interface, but if you could specify a rule which says

IF incoming transaction is FROM <contains: my surname> then SET CATEGORY as <Internal>

(Warning, the above contains dodgy syntax and incorrect categories - don’t hate all at once!)

(James Shrager) #114

Agree, no idea if it’s a simple fix or not, that was an error to assume that.

However, this is surely such a common use case, I fail to understand how this hasn’t been done for now. It’s naive to assume everyone would use Monzo as their only bank account.

My ‘spending’ info is completely useless until this is fixed


Whilst we’re waiting the new spending functionality, have you tried Emma ( Whilst not perfect, it does this sort of thing v well (I use it and find it helpful).

(Alex Sherwood) #116

The clue is in your comment, it is a common use case & Monzo aren’t naive. They’re not vindictive either & making us wait for no reason so the reason is: it’s hard to fix.

Since we don’t know how hard ‘hard’ is, we don’t know whether it’s reasonable to expect them to have fixed it by now or not.

I completely agree that this needs to be solved though.


To be fair, there might be other reasons. Bugs to squash, new features to roll out… It might be a calculated wait in preference to other stuff.

But yes to your other points :slight_smile:

(Andre Jesus) #118

hi guys,

hope you’re all well. I have been using the app for a while and I simply love it. one thing that would be very helpful is that as I get paid weekly I sort of organise myself in a weekly basis rather than monthly and it would be amazing if I could see my spending weekly as well. could you add a option to do that into the spending section?


hello @andre.g.jesus - I’ve moved your post here as we are currently redesigning our spending tab!

This is something we are definitely looking into.

(Richard Cook) #120

(Richard Cook) #121

Reopened, so we can chat about this some more :slight_smile:

(Jake Tame) #122

Got a time frame?

(James Murray-Ferris) #123

On this blog it says 6-12 months so I guess at minimum a couple of months away and maybe even another 9 months away

(Jake Tame) #124

It was moved to Near Term within 6 months on the Trello board and it was mentioned in March update that its being actively worked on

Was hoping for something soon :slight_smile: