Redesigning Spending

(Bradley) #147

Sorry, my post was coincidentally right after yours. I originally wrote it for the ‘Monthly Update’ thread, but decided it was more relevant here.

Your point about the ‘Coin Jar’ and targets does sound annoying, although not one I have to contend with, as I don’t have targets (Android).

I’m wondering whether Monzo will implement an overall ‘target’ for the user defined period, based upon the account balance at the start of the period… Then apply the same design to each sub-category of spending. The features are very similar and this would satisfy requests for custom target start/end dates.

(Wayne Simpson) #148

Is there a timeline on this update? Watching the redesign of spending video was one of the reasons I signed up for Monzo, keen to be able to set targets etc ASAP. Hopefully the update is coming soon?

(Jack) #149

Hopefully the end of the month according to the recent Monthly update list:

(Theo Gregory) #150

Out of interest, has anyone spotted anything about setting how frequently your paid for your budget?

As a student, my “payday” is the start of each term when I get that beautiful later-life-crippling loan come in. I’m a master at draining the sum quickly, so if the budget tracker could cover three months as opposed to one that would be stunning :ok_hand:

(Only available in amateur ) #151

leave a third in the main account and create 2 other pots, one for each of the other months. Move it to main at the start of the appropriate month

(Workaround until the below :arrow_down:️)

(Marcel Ruhf) #152

Custom start/end dates are on the way.

(Theo Gregory) #153

Woohoo! :rocket:

(Jack) #154

Will the ability to hide payments from the breakdown and mark as reoccurring also be released in this update at the end of the month? Or are we purely talking the new design is launching?


I kinda assumed that it would have to be all in one - not sure that it makes sense not to?

(Jack) #156

Agreed but I know monzo do tend to follow a MVP development cycle with some aspects. (Minimum viable product) then obtain feedback and adjust.


Agreed. We don’t really know, but from what’s been spoken about so far it seems like the MVP was the original spending tab (which is very minimal on Android) and that we get the redesign including these features on iteration.

I’m hoping that we’ll get previews on the beta (test) channel soon - I’m disproportionately excited by this one. Breakdown + CASS + overdraft = the Full Monzo🚀

(Jack) #158

Yes, looking at swapping this months salary to monzo along with a partial switch from my current main bank. Only reason I haven’t so far is because any standing orders to savings accounts get marked as spending which I don’t want.


I’m targeting May payroll…

Test it for me and report back? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::wink::rocket::monzo:

(Jack) #162

Payroll have been advised, their response “We’ll get that sorted for you” :rocket: :crossed_fingers:


Really enjoyed watching this video! I’m using Starling as my main account due to how ahead they are in terms of features, but these UI updates could well bring me back to Monzo. That and the coin jar. The coin jar is fantastic.

(Jamie) #164

@zancler @cookywook I was thinking that if I get paid on the last Tuesday of the month and the calendar date changes each month how you could resolve this issue with the design? I had seen your designs in the blog but this clearly does not account for this. Which leaves me worried im missing out on a great feature i won’t be able to fully use.
This would also mean some pay cycles is up to 6 days longer than some other months. a longer month should be highlighted or shown that is more than the average 2-3 days.

(Jamie) #165

Yes but what if i want to tag transfers as rent? This is not avalliable with the recently launched tags.

(Oli) #166

I get paid every 4 weeks which doesn’t work as far as I know either?


We’re currently trying something with setting the pay cycle … and its not rigid. The bit that is rigid is the ~30 days


not much good it you are paid weekly, two weekly or four weekly!