Pay for carbon neutrality - Monzo Green account

Idea for Monzo plus - could we have a “Monzo Green” add-on that we can have for the account? Id be happy to pay to offset the carbon generated by my having a Monzo account / e.g. carbon generated from product development, support, hosting etc

Jumping off this idea - Carbon Offsetting in Monzo 🏭

Wouldn’t it be better to use an actual ‘ethical’ bank whose goals align with things like being a carbon neutral company like Triodos bank?


Those carbon offset schemes aren’t as good as you think once you look into them.


Why’s that? Do you have any info? :slight_smile:

I don’t recall any articles to post as it’s quite a while. I think the general gist of it was that it’s not obvious what effects each specific action / product / service does exactly with the environment / carbon emissions. Paying money into an offset scheme doesn’t do anything to stop the harmful actions in the first place and who know’s how many trees planted (or whatever) is going to actually offset the action?

The idea of Monzo Plus is to generate profit - how would you feel about Monzo taking a cut before donating on your behalf? Surely it would be better to skip the middleman and just donate to whoever you want yourself, whenever you want and how much you want?

There are several articles on this if you Google. Some schemes do have some benefit but many are deemed to be ‘guilt-free’ schemes, that do little of what they promise but make people feel better about themselves…

Equally how would Monzo split this down?

Carbon generated by all their offices? How about the card manufacturers (who also make cards for others), or the paper/cardboard used to send out your card? Do Monzo events need to be included? Ohh and I have a Monzo sticker, where does that sit?

It’s hard enough to do this as an individual, let alone a company.

A laudable aim, for sure. But practically any Monzo ‘Green’ account would be notional at best. Which, granted, still may be a good thing, it’s better than nothing after all!!