Recommendations from your experience with Notion

Hey, I’m interested to see how you guys are using Notion. I’ve used Confluence / Jira for a while, and while capable, it feels like Notion is the next big thing. Just interested to see if using Notion has changed anything specifically or improved daily life etc.

Yes I do for everything from notes to check lists. It seems like a complete package to me. I just find it helps keeps things tidy pretty much and knocks off the need for multiple apps

As a manager I use one page to link all of the kanban boards for actions I’ve set with my squad, on a squad and individual level.

I have my own kanban
one between me and my manager
and one for each of my squad
and a squad one

it means it’s all in one page, and they’re all in toggles so that I just un-collapse whichever one I need to be looking at rather them all loading at once :sweat_smile:

This is the toggles.

also got links to other pages and GCal embedded all in the same place. I really enjoy it. I do so many things on Notion now!


Love notion :heart_eyes:

I’ve created a ‘how to’ guide for fiddly work tasks so I can refer to it when I need to. Although I might steal Beth’s toggle idea and rejig it :thinking:

It’s so easy to use although my productivity might be reduced due to amount of time I spend choosing templates and emoji :sweat_smile:

This is the top of my squads page!


you can just do so many things

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Thanks for sharing Beth :slight_smile:

Do you still use Confluence at all, or migrated to Notion?

We’ve completed migrated as a business :blush:

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Love it.

Would you mind sharing a few examples? Sounds interesting :grinning:

I’ve just started to give it a go as a replacement for Evernote and it seems pretty good so far. It’s got a “free” version but you’ll end up having to pay for it pretty quickly as they only give you 1000 “slots” for free. However, on signing up and just downloading a few apps, etc you’ll get a few months free of the upgraded version to trial it.

As a software dev I’ve been looking for something decent with good markdown support and it seems like this might work quite nicely.

I’ve tried so hard to like Notion, but I just can’t get it set up how I like.

I think the lack of being able to quickly jot something down is the killer for me - It’s more of a project planner and knowledge base, than a notes app.

Plus the iOS apps are incredibly slow and cumbersome to use.

But… Some of the set ups I’ve seen have looked very good!

Hi Beth,
Any insight on how Notion is used by the squads in development? I know you have switched from Jira but as far as I know features like story pointing, backlog, sprints, QA, etc are there yet?
I was wondering if you guys found a work around or changed the processes completely. I would love to move towards Notion.

Don’t recall using these, nor am I fully aware what it refers to :grimacing: I’m not that data

We still use Looker for data compilation and developments stats etc - Notion is used to present and knowledge mostly.

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Thanks for your message! :slight_smile:

Why is any interesting new online platform I want to try blocked by my workplace’s automatic blacklist… SIGH!


I’m the same as you. Notion looks pretty great but I’d need a like for like functional replacement on the development side to consider such a move.

Additionally I have my team use Tempo for time recording.

I’ve got an image of me presenting a business case to myself as to why I should move my team to Notion when it may not replace the full Atlassian suite we leverage :pensive:

I know, I wish it could replace everything to bring some consistency throughout every process. :unamused:

Recently I have started to use notion to capture all of my technical notes, it was a bit confusing at first, but today it all fell into place and I absolutely love it now.

Here is a screenshot of how that works for me :slight_smile: