Show us your Dock!

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From Left to right:

Finder (obviously)
Sublime Text
Photoshop CC
Lightroom Classic CC
Lightroom CC
App Store

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I severely misread that title.


Is that an iOS thing?

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Me too, I was like… can’t he just read his own clock??


I like to keep it simple. I could probably remove some of those tbh

  • Finder
  • Slack
  • Chrome
  • Settings
  • Calculator
  • Activity
  • Rocket
  • Notion
  • Spotify

and I apparently used the dictionary today

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Here’s mine. I only have three apps permanently in my dock as I open most apps with Spotlight. The rest are just what I happen to have open right now.

From the left:


MIne, pretty standard!

Finder, Prefs, Launchpad, App Store, Safari (default), Chrome (rarely used), Outlook, OneNote (I keep all work notes in there), Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Evernote (I keep all personal notes in here), iMessage, Slack (rarely use now the Monzo slack has gone tbh!), WhatsApp, Skype (only have it there becasue tjhe place i’m working at the moment uses it), 1Password (not sure why thats in there tbh, i use the browser or menu bar icon), iTunes.

At the end is Carrot weather as I like notifications on when its going to rain and daily summaries, that’s just the section for stuff thats opened recently as I rebooted today (a rare occurrence).

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Oh man, how did I never know about this?

For those interested - Rocket – the best emoji app for Mac


I see Notion! Do you use it for work or personal use? We don’t use it at Shopify, but I’ve found its amazing for keeping family records.

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Just one key apart.

Work! and a personal work planning page to keep on top of things

It’s my fave

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It’s so good, I actually bothered to pay for it because I use it so much :slight_smile:

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I wouldn’t be surprised if Monzo has a company-wide license :wink:

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Some of the things I use Notion for include:

  1. Tracking our family’s ISA limits
  2. As a record of work positions, contracts, pay, etc.
  3. Family health records (mostly eye glasses prescriptions)
  4. An inventory of the more expensive things we own — bikes, laptops, phones, kitchen equipment, including warranty information, receipts, serial numbers, etc.
  5. Phone / internet / insurance contracts including a reminder to negotiate a better price a week before renewal
  6. Bank accounts (no sensitive details, they’re in 1Password)
  7. Tenancy agreements, landlord contact information, inventory, etc.
  8. Car service records

Let me give some balance to this with a bit of good old Windows :smiley:


Mine is fairly boring, but I never use it (and hide it)! Spotlight for everything.

You folks and your horizontal docks. How yesterday. May I present the future of docks, the vertical:

A lot of that is barely used standard build stuff, I should really get rid.

Aside from that I’ve got:

  • Steam - I do enjoy a game of Stellaris (I also have lots of games I’ve bought but never even played, I’m sure I’m not alone in this!)
  • Chrome - usually used for web Plex front-end, but am starting to move my main web stuff to it away from Safari
  • Plex - local Plex library server only, simply using my iTunes library as source, started as and when I need it (means I can watch my iTunes library on my TV without needing an apple TV box), but I also have an always-on plex server in the cloud with about 1.8TB of (mostly unwatched :joy:) TV on it
  • Tor - Used to use this for sourcing torrents for US TV, but tbh I don’t need it, should drop it tbh lest people think I’m using it for nefarious deeds!
  • Slack - for those sweet definitely-not-officially-monzo workspaces, but we may soon be using this at work too
  • Filezilla - Mainly used for tidying up my remote server, but also needed for some stuff for work

Now I’m going to see what funky apps other folks are using, I’m sure to be missing out!

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  • Finder
  • Airmail
  • Safari
  • Chrome
  • Anylist
  • Todoist
  • Calendar
  • Bear
  • Messages
  • 1Password
  • Discord
  • Slack
  • TextMate
  • Xcode
  • Simulator
  • Tower
  • iTerm
  • HMRC Basic Payee Tools
  • Affinity Designer
  • Affinity Photo
  • Photos
  • Sonos
  • Paw
  • Zoom

I keep my dock empty and just use it to show open applications.

Spotlight is my application launcher :tada:

I’m dockless, I highly recommend it. I have my dock hidden by default and it does not respond to hover, I can only access it using a short-cut (alt + cmd + d) which I use maybe once or twice a day. I access applications instead using specific shortcuts and using Alfred – which is like spotlight, but better.

I’ve found it is great for my productivity because it reduces distractions and forces me to be more intentional with my actions, and encourages me to identify cases where I’m using an application so often that a shortcut makes sense. I’m probably more easily distracted than most so it might be too extreme for others but it changed my life for the better.

I also use Bartender to keep my menu bar clear – with a shortcut to show it – and that is helpful too. Essentially, unless I need to know the status of something consistently, then it’s hidden from view and I must actively choose to reveal that status to me. This also extends to reducing the number of notifications I receive, historically I would have Slack open all the time and receive notifications for all the channels I’m in whereas now I only access Slack through my web browser and I only have the minimum number of notifications enabled – which go to my phone, and then I open Slack on my computer on demand.

This is what I have running: notably, only what I’m actively using. Sequel Pro, Atom, Insomnia, Chrome, iTerm2, GitHub and 1Password.