Quick question in travel

What to do when you travel for an amount not exceeding 500 £ in the account ?!

1-Used The overdraft
2-Reduce your expenses





Im not sure what you mean?

Do you mean how do you make sure to stay under a budget of 500 when you travel? In which case it would depend a lot on where and why you were travelling.

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Yes, I mean

Where would you be travelling and why?

I wouldn’t use an overdraft to go travelling. I would have my money is a pot and transfer it over to Monzo in weekly chunks as and when it was needed.

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I was going to ask similar. Don’t people save up before they go on holiday or have their loan or whatever already secured in their account?

I still don’t think I understand the question :exploding_head:

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Personally, I use an interest free credit card specifically for long haul expensive holidays. I’ve still not paid a penny in credit card interest in years. I certainly wouldn’t pay for it up front in a one go when I can spread it out over several months fee free. At the moment, my Virgin Money credit card is quite merrily paying for my trips away. When the interest free period ends, I’ll just find another card with a long interest free period. I’ve been doing that for years.

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I will be going to Turkey soon … Turkey is a little cheap but at the same time there is a special cost cut in good shopping there Make you spend a lot

I haven’t personally been to Turkey for years and probably not a country I’d personally go back to as I’ve seen what I wanted to see.

As always, I’d always recommend the UK Gov Travel Advice website for any information regarding destinations prior to travel, something so many travellers just don’t bother looking at.



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