Travel money

(Phil Harrison) #1

Can I load money on my card, in the same way as on the original card, to use abroad in the same way as the original card?

(#savetheseabass) #2


(Leonard) #3

That’s right Phil you can. You can top it up like before or use a bank transfer using the sort code/account number and you can spend it like you could before.

If you do withdraw money from an ATM you can do so freely for the first £200 then there’s a 3% charge after that amount.

(Stephen Spencer) #4

But, for final clarity, if you use your card in shops/restaurants directly (not getting cash out) then there continues to be no fees or commission on any amounts at all, regardless of the ATM fees outlined by Leonard above.

(Phil Harrison) #5

Thanks Spencer fir the extra info.


(Phil Harrison) #6

Thank you for the information Leonard. Your swift response is much appreciated.