Quick category selection

(Sam) #1

Hey Guys,

First post, couldn’t find a similar idea posted here…

Quite a simple one, but I found it a bit of a drag when changing the categories.

I think it would be great to simply be able to swipe (in a similar way to the ios mail interaction/ gmail interaction) and then to be able to select a different category.

As others have also mentioned, it would be great to see the category as maybe a colour tag on the main list. (or at least the ability to).

(Jack) #2

I think this would be a great benefit

(Bradley) #3

This is a cool idea. How did you create the animation out of interest?

(Sam) #4

Thanks! I am using a combination of Sketch and Principle (i don’t quite have the hang of framer yet!) but I find principle really easy for doing quick little mockups like this. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Jolin) #5

Great idea and fantastic mock-up. Taking this further, I’d love if a swipe in the other direction allowed us to quickly add notes to the transaction. I have no skills to do a mockup of this, but hopefully we can all imagine what that would be like. :smile:


Great stuff Sam. I think left swipe and right swipe could have different option. You are showing categories when swiping from right, we could have payments, transfers, transfers to Pots etc… from left swipe.

(Sean) #7

This is super sleek!! :raised_hands: I would definitely use this as I am super categoriser :fork_and_knife::banana::briefcase::oncoming_automobile::page_with_curl::pound:

(Baron Anyangwe) #8

Great mock up! Yeah I think that functionality would make for a better user experience. :champagne:

(Colin Robinson) #9

I think @hugo could do with you on his team :wink:

(Eve) #10

Fantastic mockup! I would love to see this integrated too

(Miranda) #11

Interesting thought, and love the animation! I wouldn’t be opposed to it, but personally I feel it’s a bit redundant as there’s features I’d rather see - but there’s no other swipe options, it works and it looks good, so it definitely works. But just like I said, it’s not a priority for me.

To my knowledge, for a transaction that has the business logo next to it (Tesco, McDonalds, TfL etc i.e. the majority of my transactions haha) you can’t see what category it’s in until you click on the transaction anyway. At that point, you see the category and just click on it to change it. I don’t feel that’s too cumbersome at all - rather, I think it’s logical and the perfect place for it!

Personally, I’d rather see a greater choice of categories, or the ability to add my own.

There’s loads of other suggestions, that don’t have any relevance to the expense category section, that I feel are far more relevant and useful than this.

(Frank) #12

Great mock up. Swiping left or right for quick actions absolutely is a great idea and having the category as an icon on the transaction also great. But swiping for categories I think would be a waste of the swipe function.

Another solution could be to tap on the category icon to then select a different one. And swiping could then be to split the bill along with other quick options.

Not taking away from what is a great mock up though :+1:t2:

(Sam) #13

Thats a very good point Miranda and Frank, there is potentially other uses for that swipe “power user/ quick fire” interaction… perhaps the list is a group of actions, and one of those actions is change category, or perhaps swiping in the opposite direction could be the change category interaction - or another interaction?

For me, I was addressing a particular pain point - since the category is often tagged incorrectly (for me), I found the 4 clicks (tap into > Tap Category > Select category > Tap back) twice the effort as my suggestion, which could be Swipe > Tap.

(Frank) #14

Having a category icon and tapping that could be a faster option for you? So tap anywhere else on the line you get the transaction detail but do it on the category icon and it gives you the options.

(Calum James) #15

That would be a lovely feature, and very usable judging by the mockup!

(Calum James) #16

After using the swipe interaction on Mail threads, I’ve found that to be much quicker than clicking on a button on the item and selecting an option. Either way, Monzo could implement both interactions and it would all still be usable.


Don’t forget about 3D Touch on iOS. It could bring up the notes window quickly.