Quick categorisation

I want a way to quickly categorise payments. Suggestions:

  • via notification bar (surely more important than adding notes!?)
  • quickly cycle through payments one by one tinder style
  • categorise in bulk (multi select)
  • using rules e.g. apply to all payments from X?

Currently you have to click into each payment then on the category, then come back out to the feed. Also you can’t see from the feed which category a payment is in if the merchant logo is there instead. Also, on a credit card you can’t categorise payments which are pending - why!? If the payment changes or is cancelled it’s not like the category would change.

Unless payments are categorised then the budgeting feature is useless. Emma App is growing massively and I have no idea why when Monzo should be able to do most of this.

This is likely because it’s not Monzos focus right now because it won’t generate revenue and I unfortunately can’t see that changing anytime in the near future.

You could argue that they’re two different marketplaces too. Monzo is a bank and they’ve given you the basics to do some budgeting, whereas Emmas primary focus is a budgeting suite - so they’re not really comparable.

With that in mind does Monzo really want to get into another battle when they already have enough of a fight on the banking front? Sure it would be nice for Monzo to build everything themselves with all the bells and whistles but I think Monzo providing you the ability to export all your transaction data to Google Sheets is their solution to all of this. Kind of: “here’s all the data you could possibly need to take away and do whatever you want with it”.

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*For a fee

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Yeah. Good business model.

We’re not building it but you can if you pay us :rofl: :wink:


Sample size of 1 but I got monzo plus exclusively so I could categorise payments for budgeting as i also use a credit card frequently. I also intend to use the g sheets integration (given IFTTT just didn’t work at all).

I agree they could be seen as different markets, but I feel like monzos initial success was down to providing useful and novel features. Now they’re doing what legacy banks have always done - charge you for the privilege of holding your money and throw in a bunch of stuff you don’t need like phone insurance which has nothing to do with spending and managing your money :man_facepalming: sorry, rant over!


I’m craving something big and innovative too. Feels like forever since it last happened.

There’s a big update coming soon that has a whole new section of the app dedicated to it. This could be it, hopefully we find out soon :eyes:


I’ve just realised that the g sheets export doesn’t include my amex transactions, so that makes the categorisation feature fairly pointless given the budgeting features on Monzo are so primitive. Looks like I’ll have to ditch Monzo+ and get Emma after all :man_shrugging:t3:

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Oh lordy, that really is tempting the fates for a Revolut dating app! :joy: