Quick calculator

I.e the ability to hold a transaction to turn on a highlight selecting tool, allowing the user to select multiple transitions to get sum, count, average at the bottom.

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You can already do almost all of this (on :android:) with merchant selection and search.

Tap on a transaction for, example, ‘McDonalds’, :eyes:, scroll down the transaction details and the number of payments, average spend and total spent is shown (if you tap on ‘Number of payments’ it will display all that are included)

You can also get the total spent and average spend shown at the bottom of the display when any search returns outgoing transactions (incoming transactions are not included)

But this is not selective, as per your individual selection process suggestion - it is an ‘all-or-nothing’ approach with a single merchant or search.

Wouldn’t it be confusing if you selected multiple merchants across multiple categories and received a sum, count & average displayed?

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You can also do it on a category basis too by going into summary and tapping into a category.

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Thanks for your replies! I had this idea after going shopping and wanting to see how much I spent on in town today across a number of categories, without seeing my bills that went out in the morning, and without including haircuts and glasses etc.

I think if you had to hold to activate it, it would just add more control and functionality.

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