Quick Actions on Transaction List

On the main transaction list, would be great if instead of having to move to another screen with a short press there is a set of quick actions that appears under the transaction to execute the action (can save one screen). e.g. category or add notes or add receipt. In addition maybe would be cool to use the same concept to mark the transaction as Fraud or move direct to Chat so that the you can raise the transaction with an agent direct without having to explain what you are querying.


Think I like the idea.

Just trying to think of what the most common things I ‘do’ to transactions are.

I think, picking up on your use of the word ‘execute’, that a quick action should ideally be one click and done, as opposed to just another way to access a screen (i.e. notes).

So…possibilities in my mind might be:

  • Instant 50% split with one of my favourites (would be able to use this with my partner all the time);
  • Exclude from summary;
  • Perhaps add to shared tab (don’t use it personally but seems sensible).
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Yes so Alex - I liken it to treating a transaction like you would a post on your Facebook/Instagram or Linked in Feed - single click to perform action.

For category assignment maybe the simple action is displaying a selection list to choose an available category.

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I think this would be good for notes/categories, even seeing your history with average etc.

But not for reporting as fraud, that needs that extra step.

I very much agree with this. Voted.

I like this idea too, and there’s lots of possibilities here! Personally I’d like a pay back from pot to be an option here, in addition to the ones you list! Category splitting for plus users I think would be great here too! When I had Plus, I’d often have my phone at the ready to split the £15 cash back with my co op order. A quick action to make this faster would be great.

I’m sure others will have plenty other ideas too, but in general actions feel like one of the next logical steps to go with the feed.

Also, happy cake day!

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Ohhh really like the pay back from pot idea.

I was thinking about category splitting and whilst I would like it, I wasn’t sure if it would work well enough all within a pop up overlay? But perhaps Monzo can be cleverer enough to know my supermarket spend will only ever be one of 2/3 categories, and just suggest those quickly.

Also merci :birthday:

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