Q Live

With HQ Trivia UK on a break, and the new rules in effect, I stumbled upon Q Live which works in pretty much the same way. It’s available on iOS and Android.

But there are additions. Every question you answer will earn you points for that week. You can keep answering questions through the whole game (even if you’re knocked out of winning the money for this game).

I’m gonna start playing tonight. Feel free to get on it as well. If you want to use my name as a referral then that would be grand (HoddzDJ) as it will give me an extra life. No problem if you don’t want to though.

What happened to HQ Trivia?

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The UK version is on a ‘break’ but nobody knows how long for. Going by the tweets I’ve seen on Twitter, many players aren’t happy they they are silent when they have been asking questions.

So they have not said what has happened? Strange.

Looks like it’s been ditched.

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Sad HQ is offline. I’ve been enjoying that for the past few months since I saw it mentioned here.

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Why did HQ put me on the Words Beta if they’re going to stop the U.K. version? Not doing Q, it’s news corp owned

Ew, no. NO.

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If you have a problem with news corp, you should probably have a problem with the creators of HQ trivia…

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I have a feeling HQ just had the model all wrong. They were averaging on 100/200k players per quiz, and each person was winning something like £2.00. Even on ‘special days’ it became oversaturated and people won, at most, about £20 (£50 odd if they were LUCKY).

I heard that their audience started to dip so they made the questions easier so that more people would ‘win’ and it would encourage more players…or so they thought. I think by suspending it they’ve done a good thing in all honesty.

Might try Q, although, I have a feeling with anything like this, it’s going to follow the same path. I guess when you promise ‘free’ money to people, people will come…and that free money per individual will keep getting lower. The only option I could see is that they charge more to their sponsors, up the prize money and do that for every 100k users or something?

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I also think the lack of engagement once out (no point in playing), the fact they removed the ability to see what your friends were answering (before the question was over), and the ridiculous cost of buying extra lives, all contributed to the decline.

If the extra lives were £1 each - I think they would have made a killing.

Yeah completely agree. I glazed over the extra lives after I saw the price tag, I weighed up the cost of them to the potential prize money I was likely to get, and it’s just not worth it. At all.

One thing I’d also say, I’m genuinely surprised that it made money from sponsorship. It has to be one of the worst platforms for such a thing. The conversion rate surely has to be incredibly poor from it as they do the advertisement at the start of the game, meaning you’re relying on players to remember the advertisement, and click-through once they’re finished. As a marketer, to me, that seems like some serious risk.

Going to give QLive a whirl. Same username as HQ.


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Nice to be able to keep earning points once you’re out for a change. £20 for each winner this lunchtime.

Will try Q Live out thanks.

I used to love HQ, but I’ve started playing Confetti UK instead - bigger prize pots, like £3k or £5k each game. You play on the Facebook app, by following the page Confetti UK. There’s not as many players as Q Live too as it’s fairly new so bigger shares to win, but it’s pretty decent - was hosted by Chris Kamara the other day which was funny!