Q&A with Airtime Rewards!

My mobile is with Tesco, do you cater for them?

Looks like it.

Based on the app I can select from:

  • 3
  • Asda Mobile
  • BT Mobile
  • EE
  • giffgaff
  • iD Mobile
  • Lebara Mobile
  • Lycamobile
  • Now PAYG
  • O2
  • Orange
  • Plusnet Mobile
  • Sky
  • T-Mobile
  • TalkTalk Mobile
  • Tesco Mobile
  • Virgin Mobile
  • Vodafone
  • VOXI
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Thanks @AirtimeRewards

Detail of the issues are what I described here.

My device is a Samsung Galaxy S8+ running Android 9.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks for providing us with that info!

You can sign up with Tesco Mobile, but crediting is coming soon :blush:

it’s good to have you on board! :wave:

I have been using Airtime Reward for a while now. Every time I have a transaction from Giraffe World Kitchen I need to claim the reward by reporting it as a missing transaction. Is there a specific reason for this?

Hey Marcel. Giraffe World Kitchen came off the app on the 10th of May.

Occasionally transactions are missing due to tracking issues at a specific location. However, when you submit a claim form, we can fix the issue so it shouldn’t happen again. Hope this helps!

I have a work sim with one provider in my phone which is on contract with someone else.

Is it possible to use this to reduce the phone payments or would it be the sim provider?

Hey Emma, it would be the sim provider. We reduce the bill of the mobile number you enter in the app.

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Signed up. This seems pretty cool.

Thanks Sonos - you’re pretty cool yourself :sunglasses: Any questions drop us a message!

signed up myself, do I need to reach a certain limit of money before it’ll knock my phone bill down ? or if I have 50p (as I do now) savings, would it deduct that from my phone bill ?

Welcome! The redemption limit depends on each network. But you’ll have to earn between £5-£10 to make your first redemption off your phone bill.

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You say you share transaction data with the mobile networks, what data exactly is shared? And what permissions do they have to do with the data?

Also is there a direct link to all supported retailers, I can’t seem to find it.

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I can answer one of those. The list of retailers was posted earlier in this topic:

However from further discussion it seems that some retailers have been removed so it might not be the most current :man_shrugging:

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I have signed up - seems like a cool idea :sunglasses:
Not sure how it’ll work with giffgaff but happy to wait and see.

@AirtimeRewards How does it work with Smarty. There’s two different ways to give Smarty money. I can just pay for my plan, or add money to a cash pot to pay for out of plan usage?

Hey, you can sign up with Smarty, but crediting is coming soon :slight_smile:

Fab! Welcome.

We work with giffgaff - to top up your goody bag :slight_smile:

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