Airtime Ignite

Think my Airtime Rewards account has a faulty spark plug as cannot Ignite anything.

Had been earning rewards in the hope that their :soon: for Plusnet would eventually arrive, however, after a year of waiting, they have now admitted that Plusnet will not be added for the foreseeable “due to technical reasons”.

They did suggest I could ‘gift’ my hard earned rewards to family/friends though.

(If you know, you know) :rofl:

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But anyway…

Boooooo! Show off :rofl:

My Plusnet bill is only £6/m so no biggy, but would be nice to use the £71 I have racked up in rewards, on me! :smile:

Don’t think I’ll be linking Airtime Rewards to my Monzo account, especially if I am unable to use said rewards on direct debits.

May be interesting for those who will benefit though. Thanks for sharing :+1:

I got this email aswell! I love airtime rewards, constantly getting the rewards from Aldi & Morrisons.

Especially petrol station at Morrisons, it soon adds up.

Strangely enough I’ve noticed not everyone has the same offers as a relative doesn’t have any supermarkets at all but has 12% at primark which I don’t.

I just buy the supermarket gift cards for the supermarkets at 4%

Easy rewards. Just can’t spend them :person_shrugging: :rofl:

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