Q&A with Airtime Rewards!

Hey, I’m Beckie, the Community Manager at Airtime Rewards. Airtime Rewards is a free, retailer rewards programme, which helps 300k members to reduce the cost of their smartphones simply by shopping with their favourite retailers. Our active members are earning an average of £10 each month with some eliminating their mobile bill entirely.

To start earning - simply register your mobile number and securely link any of your typical payment cards (yes, this includes your Monzo!). You’ll then start earning a % back on each transaction when you shop with our partnered retailers, which include Waitrose, Boots, Argos, Caffè Nero, Topshop, PizzaExpress, Debenhams & many more. There’s no need for loyalty cards, QR codes or uploading fiddly receipts, just shop using your linked cards and we’ll take care of the rest!

If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know. We’d love to hear what you think.


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Hi Beckie, are there any plans on adding support for Amex? Thanks!

Welcome Christopher :wave:

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Hey Oleksandr, we are looking to support AMEX in the future, however, we are yet to set a date to launch AMEX tracking. For now, we accept all Visa & Mastercards :blush:

Quick question:

You mentioned shopping with your card, but I hardly ever never use mine. Is shopping with Google Pay is supported too?

Yes, Google Pay & Apple Pay is supported with most retailers. You can see which retailers support Google/Apple Pay as they have the logo on the retailer page :blush:

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Thanks for the quick reply :blush:

I understand that the retailers support Google Pay but it was my understanding that you get a different account number when you add your card to Google Pay. Therefore I wasn’t sure if your rewards system would be able to track the purchase and connect the two accounts.

Glad to hear it does though :+1:

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Hi Beckie,

Just wanna say how amazingly simple Airtime Rewards is to use. Added my cards when I signed up and am just happily surprised every now and then when I go to Pizza Express or somewhere I forget is even on there and suddenly get another couple £ off my mobile bill :ok_hand:

Thanks for the feedback Alex! :ok_hand: Glad to have you as part of the community!

I’ve been with AR for a bit over a month, and it usually works as advertised. They do say to give them up to 14 days to recognise the transaction, and when it doesn’t work you’re then asked to upload a photo of the receipt (from two weeks ago). So make sure you either keep your receipts, or upload them to Monzo.

I guess if you regularly shop at one of the supported retailers you could build up savings really quickly (you have to wait 35 days from purchase). Also, do check the details for each retailer. At Waitrose, for instance you have to use the card, not your phone.

Overall, I’d say it’s worthwhile joining up, though.


Last question if that’s ok :slight_smile:

Where is the list of supported retailers please?

Welcome! :wave:

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My experience so far…

I entered my mobile number on the website to get a text with the app. Nothing came through (and still hasn’t) so had to find it manually in the app store.

In the app: On the signup flow I’m on the ‘My Details’ screen but when I click next it flashes up the next screen and then reverts me to the previous one.

I click ‘skip’ to get to the ‘Referral and promo’ screen and that too won’t let me proceed unless I enter a value - which I don’t have :man_shrugging:

So far there has been an issue at each step, so I’ve therefore got frustrated and given up :pensive:

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Yep. Just tried and had the same sign up issues on iOS.

EDIT: @AirtimeRewards Seems like after just closing the app and re-opening it’s already setup my profile, etc and sent my confirmation e-mail. I can still claim a referral code and finish setting up the rest of my profile.

Ideally though that sign up process should have no issues as it’s everyone’s first impression of your app.

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Hey, thanks for your feedback.

We try everyday to improve our service - if you have any questions or issues regarding missing transactions then please feel free to email us support@airtimerewards.com :blush:

Can just add guys I have been using it for a month or two and it works great only thing ill say is pay attention to some of the retailers, some dont accept google pay/apple pay so pay attention to these before you decide what to use to pay.

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Hey James, thanks for reporting this.

We’re really concerned with your experience and we’d like to get this sorted for you as soon as possible. Can you please email me at beckie@airtimewards.com with some more information on your device?

Hey Ordog, so sorry to hear about your experience. We’d like to get this sorted for you asap.Can you please email me at beckie@airtimerewards.com with more information on your device and issues and we’ll get this sorted?