Python Manual Receipt Generator Script

Hey peeps :wave:

This weekend I spent a little time looking over the reference receipts app and decided to make a more friendly version of it that could be used by more people including those that are not as familiar with programming.

My version allows you to generate a receipt by loading the receipt data via a JSON file in the directory (payload.json) and then attaching the receipt to a transaction stated via the transcation_id field.

You’ll also need to obtain the transcation_id for the transaction you wish to generate the receipt for. You can obtain this either via the list transaction endpoint or via the API Playground.

There’s probably a number of additions and/or improvements that can be made to this but for simplicity, I’ve just started off with a version that works for now. I might go back and add said additions and/or improvements later on (feel free to make PR’s or Issues on GitHub).

Let me know what you think!

My code can be found below :point_down: