I had a play with Receipts in Email and Attaching them to Receipts

I had a play with email receipts primarily, steam receipts and extracting a receipt through an Email Parser.
And I’ve come up with this,The screenshots are attached.
The next question however it how I get this to play nice with the Receipt API does anyone know if the Receipt API is read for this type of thing.
Original %20
Also I get there is an annoying symbol before the pound sign and the VAT repeats


The weird character issue will most likely be down to encoding.
Make sure you convert to UTF-8 :slight_smile:
Not looked into the receipts API yet, but I presume the price will likely be a type set as decimal and then a currency code is passed, to stop issues like this.

Unfortunately I can’t specify the encoding as I’ve deliberately done it as a jpg in order to directly attach it and I’m using a third party parser to parse the email so can’t specifiy the encoding(back to the drawing board :rofl::sunglasses::weary:

Monzo Receipt API:

Hey :wave: We haven’t quite added the new receipts API to our public developer documentation yet. I’ve just submitted a Pull Request for this, hopefully it will be reviewed this week :blush:


If it’s like the rest of the Monzo API, it will be an integer expressing pence (so total for the above receipt would be 574).

If the parser is consistently prefixing £ with Å, then it should be simple to filter out after you have the text. I don’t have time to look into this at the moment, but what parser are you using, and what language to tie it all together?

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I actually borrowed the parser from Zapier in order to data scrape the receipt. And yes it might be worth just to grep the symbol out of the jpg.

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Just had a quick search, and this blog post on Zapier provides some other options for email parsing:

Ah thank you :slight_smile:

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This idea could tie in nicely to Monzo’s talk of offering insurance products.

e.g you buy a TV from John lewis, forward the receipt to your Monzo account which gets synced to the transaction, then the TV is recorded as covered by your Monzo home insurance / device insurance etc


The question would be how you link the transaction IDs across platforms…as an external transaction ID I don’t think would match a Monzo one. You probably could do it off transaction time and amount etc.

Here we go! :open_book:



Yeah you would have to guess the transaction to match with using amount. But that should be doable as they’d be exactly the same and very specific e.g. £23.42

True then again I don’t know if the two become linked in the one transaction

This is very exciting and the feature in monzo I perhaps wait the most for. I wouldn’t have a first clue about apis and hooks but I hope this will make a common feature very very soon.

It’d open new doors for business/tax accounting and simple expense reports with receipts attached.

Can’t wait.

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Same. Probably the most exciting and useful thing I’d like to see my Monzo account do at the moment.

This is the better version of what I’ve done

I’ve moved onto receipt pictures and image recognition since then

I hope Monzo will offer a comprehensive way to do this and few similar peripheral things such as automatic transaction export to spreadsheets either in-house, or at the very least bypassing companies such as google whom I simply don’t want to have even remote access to my financial patterns any more than is necessary.

One reason I don’t use IFTTT is that it basically requires giving access to all those records to google via gmail.

Please monzo, consider allowing same functionality in apps such as apple numbers that don’t gather and sell my data for advertising revenue.

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