Putting bike tyre on, help

Replaced my inner tube last week due to a puncture and it took 7 hours
So I bought some new tyres which are puncture resistant and I’ve been stuck at the same part all day, I have a bike mechanic coming tomorrow if I cannot do it myself today

I’m stuck at the very last bit, I have done loads of googling and YouTube but no luck

Can anyone assist how to get the last part of the tyre on the rim ?

I’ve tired tyre levers and even snapped two in the process

Use your tyre leavers to force the last bit over the rim. Make sure that the rest of tyre is pushed into the rim as far as possible. I also assume that you haven’t pumped up the inter tube - if so deflate the inner tube first.

Soapy water and warming tyre up with a hair dryer might also help.

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Thanks dude I have tried fairly liquid and WD40 but no luck

I don’t have a hair dryer

I’m stuck at the same part I was the other day with the stock tyres and eventually it worked. However the method I used then isn’t working now

YouTube is your friend, I just typed in stubborn bike tyres and up pops hundreds of different videos, I’m sure they’ll have more tips on then you’ll ever need to use


How did it take seven hours? :scream: I repaired my first ever puncture last week and it was awkward at first but took maybe 20 minutes at most.

It definitely takes a bit of force to get the tyre back on. If you literally can’t force it on you may have bought the wrong size?

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Tried loads of vids.
Got a mechanic coming tomorrow, hopefully he can teach me how

Right size dude.
The day it took seven hours it was the stock tyre

I think it’s difficult because they are “tubeless ready “rims

Tried to use a good (thick) flat head to leaver it? Slowly leaver from one side across rather than just the middle?

hold one part of the tyre that’s not on the rim firmly then start at the other end using tyre lever the opposite side to when taking it off ,that’s what i do when struggling with new tyres

Tried that tried everything mate. Been at it since 11am this morning

I’m looking forward to seeing how the bike mechanic will manage it, seems impossible to me.

There’s no slack whatsoever on the part which won’t fold in

there is a wire in the tire that you need to use brute force to get over the rim , in your pic you should use two metal tyre levers with approx equal spacings on the last 8 inches of tyre to get over the rim , so about two / three inches in from left and right sides and “lift” the tyre over the rim so roughly on the C of continental and T of traffic


That’s what my uncle said and it’s very difficult to do with two hands . And even if I manage it it feels as if I’m going to snap my levers ( again )

The ones I broke were measly ones . I’m currently using some heavy duty btwin ones

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Looking at the 20% part of the tyre that won’t go over the rim (at the top in your image), make sure that as much of the tyre which IS over the rim is not just ‘in place’. There is a central groove in the rim (where the spokes fasten to) which if the beading of the tyre is pushed/placed into reduces the overall circumference of the wheel in relation to the tyre and this makes it easier to get that last 20% over the rim.

Still may need tyre levers and elbow grease though.


Do you mean like this ?

That’s from my last episode of trying to put a tyre on

Yep I have been round the whole tyre again and again making sure it’s pushed into the middle as best I can ( on both sides )

yep and if you can now remove the tyre levers to move them another inch or two in from left and right and ease it on , if the tyre comes off back to where it was from your original pic start on the N in continental and second C in contact or if you now have a third tyre lever put that in an inch or a couple of inches from the right or left hand side - brute force :slight_smile:

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Take tyre off stand on it and pull to stretch tyre a bit

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Ill leave it for the mechanic tomorrow. Off to bed now

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Spoons are your friend. I used to use them all the time when doing this. Use the end you would normally hold to leaver the tire into the rim.

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I struggled recently with some ‘notoriously difficult to fit’ Schwalbe marathon plus tyres. Found this youtube video of some guy getting said tyres on without tools! contains useful tips. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-XUFVrl0UT4

I still failed and ended up buying a special tool https://www.amazon.co.uk/Bbb-Cycling-Unisexs-BTL-78-Bikes/dp/B00A855QRY Best tenner I’ve ever spent!!