Put Money In Your Account

I’m not a fan of this screen. I’ve got multiple pots and a joint account. And an overdraft. When my main account is ZERO I absolutely do not have no money. And I absolutely do not need to put money in my account.

What are you suggesting instead? You don’t want the screen at all, or a version that recognises you have money in your pots and therefore says something different?

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No screen at all. It’s maybe got a use on a newly opened account with zero, but it’s condescending and unnecessary.

Never ever seen that screen, but never had £0 in my Monzo account since I opened the prepaid version in 2017 :man_shrugging:

Maybe drop £1 in and it may stop.

That’s hardly the point. I’m voicing my displeasure.

Need to scroll down a bit…

Fair enough, sounds like you’re willing to put up with it though.

The monzo gods may see your plea.

Given the current state of the world, this is quite poor.

=IF(ACCOUNT<30days old,”Put money in”,””)


If the Monzo gods are listening I hope they gloss over this and bin the new UI. But let’s not get off topic. But I hate it. But let’s not.

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Got none of that screen, but I am on the new version, so that could be why.

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Never seen that screen before, but I have just moved all of my account balance to a pot so my balance is exactly £0.00, and then that suggestion appears in the list as you say.
In my opinion, it’s not intrusive, you have to scroll down quite far to see the suggestion, and you only see the screen when you physically click on said suggestion, so I don’t have any issues with it personally.

A few things to things to remember:

  • Using your overdraft means you are using Monzo’s money to pay for something, so you have no money in the account.
  • Money in a pot is not available to spend directly from your account using your main card (or a Virtual card not attached to a pot). If you didn’t have an overdraft, and you had a £0.00 balance, the transaction would fail.
  • A joint account is a different bank account to your personal one, so again, you don’t have money in your account if the balance is £0.00.

I do agree that it could potentially be changed to account for money in the pots associated with your personal account, but I don’t see them doing that to be honest, especially since it seems the suggestion doesn’t appear when switching to the new UI.

Money in a pot is absolutely directly available to spend, whether through direct debit or spending via a virtual card.

I’ve updated my post to be more specific.

However, a VC attached to a pot is exactly that. It’s attached to a pot, not your main account, and so you would still have £0.00 to spend on your main card. Would also not be possible for non-Plus/Premium members to spend the money directly from a pot.

A direct debit/standing order can be “attached” to a pot, however the payment is still linked to the main account. Just because Monzo have a mechanism in place to move money from the allocated pot to your main account to allow the payment to go through, the transaction itself is still from the main account, and in your scenario the balance is still £0.00 in that account. This is more of an exception rather than a rule since card payments are always linked to the account/pot is is allocated to.

As mentioned, the new UI doesn’t have this suggestion and screen anyway, so unless they add it to the new UI, they have already dealt with the thing that you deem as unnecessary. Fingers crossed they don’t add it. :crossed_fingers:t2:

We’re going to have to disagree here. Pots are part of the main account. You’ve got one sort code and one account number.

Anyway, I just dont like the zero balance message. It’s gone today because I get paid on a Thursday but I still don’t like it.

I think having money in pots is moot.

If a bank account is at zero, for many people that means they have no more money. It’s not quite as simple as adding the money from another account.

This should be a new joiner message and after that it never appears again.


Don’t get me wrong, I do agree that anything in a pot should be counted towards the accounts overall balance (but Flex, overdrafts, joint accounts, and savings via other banks should not), I was just trying to think about Monzo’s logic when it comes to the “no money” warning and how card transactions work based on my understanding of it. :slight_smile:

I agree with this. Should be for new accounts, or accounts that have been at £0.00 for over a set period (maybe 1 or 2 months?). Maybe if they do end up adding these “suggestions” to the new UI, it’s something for them to consider.

Is this only on the old layout then?

Seems to be old layout only, yeah.

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Thanks! in that case, I’m not sure if it is worthwhile that Monzo work on the old layout given that it will be replaced with the new one :soon:

They’ve either already improved it or removed it completely.