Notification of "x" (/small) amount of money left


I used Monzo a few times throughout one day and lost count of how much I’ve got left on it. When I got at the till and tried to pay, the Monzo card was rejected for insufficient funds. I wish I knew before…
Is there a way for Monzo users to set up their own “little money left” amount/ threshold and, once that is reached, to receive an email or SMS notification reading something like:
"You only have “x” money left. Top up now to avoid till surprises. ;-)"
You could set up a pre-determined range for these notifications, such as between £10 and £500, with users being able to pick any value within this range in order to be notified of reaching the “bottom of their Monzo purse.” For instance, some users may prefer to be notified when they only have, say, £20 left, others would pick a much higher threshold for what they consider to be their bottom of the purse.
If need be, charge a modest fee for each notification (to be charged from their card before the notification is sent, thus the message showing correct amount of money left to be spent).
Also, make the “little money left” notification feature optional, so users who don’t need/ like it can choose to not use it.

Push notification when you first go into overdraft
(James Robinson) #2

It’s a good idea. Lloyds already do this (by text message) and you can set upper and lower limits. Our company Pleo cards send us an email when we hit a certain threshold too. Always good to know to save any awkwardness.

(Matt) #3

Yep, HSBC do this too with their Text Alerts service. It’d be nice to see a similar alerting system available within the Monzo app in the fullness of time. +1 from me :+1:

(Samantha ) #4

That’s a great idea, thanks for sharing. Out of curiosity, at what amount would you want to be notified?


Hi Samantha. The amount would vary.
If I was at home in England, I personally would like to set the notification for something between £40-£50 left on my Monzo card.
If I was on holiday abroad, I’d reset it probably towards the highest end of the threshold, as I’d expect to spend more on trips, restaurant meals, various treats, souvenirs etc., so I’d want to get enough forewarning that my Monzo is running out of “juice”. :wink:
So, yes, if that feature was to be introduced, please allow user free customisation/ reset of the money amount level for receiving notification.


I love this idea. It could be linked to having an auto top up of your account like oyster perhaps?

Having a notification of when your account goes beneath a certain amount (that you could set?) would be a great start to this process.

(Wibbly) #7

+1 on both the ideas here

  1. Customisable notification of funds below a certain level
  2. Auto top-up like Oyster cards

Not everyone is ready to convert Monzo to be their current account and this would be a great way to encourage folk ever more into using their Monzo card.

(Phil) #8

Notifications like this are great. I get SMS every so often from my other main bank when my balance is below £100.

(Wibbly) #9

Actually just adding the current balance to the existing transaction notification would be great, and presumambly easy to implement!

(Wibbly) #10

I don’t think we’ll get auto-topups as Monzo have to pay to initiate a transaction from their end using, say, a third party debit card.


Really need this implemented!

I don’t look at my account all the time and have several pots drip saving for me so when I do open the app, I’m sometimes close to zero funds and have to top up.

A notification beforehand (customisable amount or percentage of funds) would eliminate any bounced direct debits and or embarrassment at the till when paying for shopping.

This has happened to me, and I’ve had to get my Halifax card out, but was embarrassing to be told it had bounced thinking I had enough funds on the Monzo.

Auto top up is an excellent idea too, but I’d prefer a notification over auto top up.

(Philippe Robin) #12

New customer her. I found this thread as I was looking to see if that feature existed already.

  • Having the current balance (maybe instead of Today’s spent) would do just fine
  • let us choose this amount - it’ll vary very much from one person to another depending on their spending habits.

(Matt C) #13

I also like the sound of this. I am often finding at the till that I don’t have enough money left and when there is a queue behind you it is a bit embarrassing stood there flicking through your phone transferring money.

(Matijaz Pecnik) #14

Yes! “X spent today” is irrelevant to me, I’d find It much more useful to just have “Account balance: X” instead.