Pulse and Summary are Dead - Long Live Pulse and Analysis!


It is torturing me as well :pensive::pensive:

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Monzo addressed this only a couple of weeks ago, from here:


Thanks for this - only just joined the community yesterday so hadn’t seen this! Thought it would be a good topic to see what people’s ideas were for the space (now understand that this is slightly tricky for Monzo to implement) but a good discussion topic anyhow.


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Like @j06 says, there’s been a lot of talk about this recently. I even had a go at thinking what a replacement might look like:

I’m out and about at the moment, but I wonder if another @Coral-Crew -er could see if there’s a sensible thread to merge this into so we can keep all the graph/Pulse bits in one place and easier to find?


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I really really like those left-handside mock-ups - for me personally I think they would be so much more useful and intuitive than the graph!

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What is the back-end to this? As I am assuming that each data point is packaged into

  1. Value of transaction
  2. Category
    These are then plotted.
    Merchant_ID etc is mined through another service to get the merchant logo.
    I assume its not as simple as selecting
    Graph_type = “bar” rather than line.
    Also whilst I’m on the subject anyone got a sanitised(to be GDPR compliant) data set that could be used for ML tensorflow…
    Completely understand if no one does and or no one can give it to me


Not necessarily. YNAB for example only allows you to budget money you actually have, and doesn’t (easily) allow forecasting.

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It makes sense when you consider it in the context of the prepay card, which was what Monzo started out as (and had to until they eventually got their banking licence). If you top up at the beginning of the month and the card is just your discretionary spending, then a burndown chart-type thing is helpful because you can get an impression for when you’ll run out of discretionary money, and thus if, perhaps, you should lay off the spending a bit.

But it makes little to no sense it the current app, especially given the current implementation (I think that it’s hobbled by its legacy)


I could see some use when I was part of the BETA pre-paid card (I predominantly used it whilst travelling when I used the pre-paid card in BETA). However, I was never really sure how it would tell me how long it would help inform me of when I would likely to run out as one big transaction and boom its gone (I do see your point that it is a helpful visual aid even if not detail specific).

I suppose my initial comments where in light of the now full banking license full current account era Monzo is in and the fact that it seems to take up a large amount of prime real-estate in the app.

Personally for me I feel like scrapping the pulse graph in favour of some other visual metric would work better. in my mind I have some form of Income vs Expenditure bar graphs that have the % of category spend which “eats” into the income bar (not very intuitive/ innovative or that much different to anything else out there but for me that would be really useful).