Publish a High Level Product Roadmap

That FaceBook post must be about the upcoming event?


Perfect sense, and is what I was suggesting that internal updates need to be ‘free’ or they stop being made. External ones, naturally, hold some weight (hence why my product roadmap idea is ‘high level’, don’t include too many details).

Honestly, I’d really like to see us have some form of public roadmap again as well :thinking:


Just seen this from Freetrade - their aims until the end of the year. Would love to see a Monzo equivalent of this i.e. here are the five new features/products we plan on launching before the end of the year.

What do people think of this?


I like this. Could be the opening post for a maintained Roadmap for sure.

The level of detail is about right as well, not so in-depth that conversations delve off into why isn’t X like this, and why is the Y over there, but enough to get a sense of what/why they are working on the feature.

Doesn’t fully replace an updated roadmap, but would be a good addition from time to time.

That looks like Monzo’s ‘The Big List’, which started in May last year and finished in August. I’ll have a dig…

EDIT: here’s the community link, but the blog has been edited (you can’t see the list anymore);


Looking at that post, the Making Monzo page really needs updating:

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I’d rather have s monthly/quarterly update than the all-hands minutes. I think people on here underestimate how much of them would be able upcoming features and how much is just about the ins and outs of growing a company.

I also don’t mind if there aren’t any big features coming. I don’t mind a monthly update that explains that there’s nothing new coming because the teams are working on technical debt, or replacing third party services with in-house stuff, or even exploring options that are sensitive and so require a level of privacy (e.g. when there was an NDA re: Apple Pay). But I’d rather have an update than silence.

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Exactly this.

Regular, up to date comms. And you could express all of the items you mentioned in a roadmap diagram.

That’s the thing, publish it once, add a published date, then just replace it every month/quarter and we are good. Almost wondering if MORE explanation is worse. Perhaps a ‘if we have something to say on a feature we will post a new thread about it’ but don’t clutter up the simplicity of the roadmap with that?

(Just in case anyone from Monzo is still reading this thread).



Purely from interest, here are all the items with more than 100 votes in the Feedback and Ideas section.

  1. Pots - Sort Order - 292 votes
  2. Dark Mode - 172 votes
  3. Custom Category Creation - 163 votes
  4. Improved Payee Management - 137 votes
  5. Desktop version of the Monzo app - 133 votes
  6. Offer credit card - 127 votes
  7. iPad app - 125 votes
  8. Pot to Pot transfers - 103 votes

(But ohh my I do wish Dark Mode wasn’t in second place!!)

I recall the top two being teased as coming :soon: so hopefully it is relatively :soon: and not Monzo :soon: :laughing: :wink:

Yeah I’ve seen that too, who knows when eh :santa:

Personally, 1, 3, 4, and 8 are top of my wishlist, and I’ve been a really good boy this year!


You’ve picked all the ones I find important too! :crossed_fingers:

I saw metal cards were mentioned yesterday as :soon: as well (not to fussed about those but they do look nice).

I’m still holding out for the ‘future of Monzo’ announcement that was on Facebook recently which will hopefully address each of these with an actual go-live date :slight_smile:

Don’t mention metal cards, I’ll just start on a rant about being ‘on brand’ and can already picture the ‘grid’ photos of a shiny Monzo card and in 3 months time… silence cos people will be bored and want the next shiny thing.

Ohh darn it. Look what you made me do!

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If they were hot coral I’d be all over them, they would be stunning. Sadly they said it’s not possible for whatever reason :sob:

From the last update they just looked an off-white colour and nothing special imo. I guess we will find out :soon: though!

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Youve bothed pick the same ones as me also.

Custom categories is the real biggee, if that gets implemented it really does turn Monzo into my financial hub.


I don’t see why it’s so popular either, but :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Democracy and all that. Happy they build it, just not what I would personally choose.