Providing tax information to HMRC 💰🏦

Hi @thomas,

I’ve received Monzo email from 14th November on the tax residence information update.
This should mean my details were sent to my country governamental tax services, right?
On the other end, I should declare also the earnings I had with Monzo. The only earnings I had in 2018 were due from the Savings Investec Pot. Not much, but I have to declare them by fulfilling the correct form and a corresponding statement of proof. The problem is the later. I should have a formal statement from Monzo where it should be stated my ID and account data and also the earnings I’ve had from Monzo during 2018.
The big problem is that I’m not able to get such a statement from Monzo. I’m still waiting for an adequate response from the chat support from the app, but I’m afraid that would be difficult to achieve as time is running out.
Is there any help you can provide me @thomas?

PS: What amazes me is that no one in Monzo had thought of this kind of statements for tax purposes.
As I’m recent living in the UK, for a short period, I’m realizing there’s an issue with statements in the UK. It’s also a statement issue that prevents me from using Monzo in full for my UK living. (PDF statement for individual payments)