Prepaid card or bank?

(Michael Eaton) #1


So I got invited to get my card but as I don’t have £100 available currently it’ll have to wait! Boo!

One impression I have currently is as far as I can see this just feels like a prepaid debit card, I thought his was going to be an actual bank account?

Also. Initial deposit of varying amounts would be helpful, or just send me a card so I can get going? :wink:

I can’t comment on much else as the app is waiting for me to deposit but as soon as I can afford to do that I’ll be sure to have some more comments and suggestions.




It’s prepaid for now, during beta. Once a banking license and public release that be a different story :slight_smile:

One thing to think about, asking for a £100 top up to activate really isn’t that much for any usable testing. It’s a good thing to be honest as it saves space for those who are willing to use it like a current account and help test, shape and debug the service :smile: