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I’m in Corfu currently and was sat next to another couple who were taking about monzo.

The conversation went roughly like this…

“Have you heard of monzo, it’s a great abroad spending prepaid card”

“Oh no I didn’t know about that”

This is the second time I’ve politely “let people know” (removed the word -butted- for those triggered by it) into a conversation to let them know that actually it’s a full on current account that happens to also have good rates for spending abroad. And that it used to be prepaid many years ago now.

They thanked me and said they would sign up.

Think monzo still needs to push the fact they arent just a prepaid spending account anymore and a full bank.

Positive note is that I always hear people speaking about monzo. Just not always correctly.

No way I’d have butted into someone’s conversation to correct them.


Level of arrogance here is astounding


I don’t think that statement is arrogant or astounding. It’s just fact. The OP hears people wrongly classifying Monzo as a pre-paid card.


We can agree to disagree.

Listening in on other peoples conversations in public then butting in to correct them is arrogant IMO.


sounds like this is going off topic, the chap at the top may come across as overly passionate about the brand he banks with, but going down the route of calling them out for what ? the big give away is that


so the topic of them being a full current account and the misconception of them still being a pre-paid card company i’d say is valid, he may of helped turn 2 new customers.

Lesson of the day kids

if you’ve got nothing nice to say, keep it to yourself.


That’s all it is. I was just the same back in the early days.

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That is a positive

Yes, they may have not quite the right view of the model, but you can at least engage with them once they have heard of you

And I don’t think it’s any more arrogant than overhearing that someone has the wrong directions and putting them right. Though maybe we have to agree to disagree over whether I should let folk get lost as well


Perhaps I used the wrong word then.

It wasn’t the first interaction with them either so we had friendly chat prior to that.

You are missing the point entirely however. You are welcome to do that.

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:thinking: I think butting in to correct a fact that it is not prepaid is not arrogant.

If they were discussing say wine at the table, and one said this is the best wine, and you lent in and said actually I think you’ll find it’s the blah blah.

Or if you said waiter I need to be served first, as I’m much more rich and successful than those peasants.

(I’m fully aware of the irony of this mansplaining, before anyone takes this meta)

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And yet you did it anyway :thinking:

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Yep fully intended, it was meant to be light to point it out before it was pointed out. Anyway I personally have no issue with it.

If they were talking bank accounts X and z, and someone leant in and said I think you’ll find Monzo is better than those too. You might expect a get the fuck out of our conversation stare back, or a thanks haven’t heard of that we’ll check it out. Either way that’s still not arrogant.

The only issue I have is the OP feels the need to remove the word butted in for those trigger by it. I have to assume that was serious and has it really come to this.

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For those bemoaning the negativity in this forum, the point made here about the OP…

…is rather more uplifting than judging the method by which the OP did it.


I saw someone about to use a paid for ATM once and pointed out a free one over the road, the person responded incoherently and angrily and continue to get ripped off…personally I don’t mind being corrected if it benefits me…dont see why anyone would. This couple may end up getting an account and saving money on holiday…whats the issue? I’m sure if they said to f off to OP wouldn’t have posted

Loads of people I know say things like ‘have I got enough on my Monzo’ as if it were a prepaid debit card, I’d happily tell them they mean ‘in’…

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I would guess if anyone has a problem being corrected just doesn’t like being wrong.

THAT is where the arrogance lies.

Anyway, back on topic. Why do people still think monzo is a prepaid card? It’s been 3 years since then.

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It maybe something to do with how a sizeable number of account holders use it.

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A reason monzo has this image is because its lacking in services bigger banks have. I love my monzo account but while its lacking in basic stuff like being able to manage my account in a Web browser then it’ll put me off switching it to my main account.


I think so yes, if someone is looking into monzo and realises they can’t manage their account online they will view it as limited compared to their usual bank.

Monzo does still feel “in beta” in that it lacks alot of basic banking features to shake that prepaid feel.

Id say a big one is the “top up” aspect, to put cash on your card via paypoint and be charged for it feels very prepaid and not like a proper current account for example. You usually use a paypoint to top up gas or electric cards.


Although I’ve done it and it works just fine. You often encounter staff who don’t know what to do when asked to deposit cash via pay point.

I had to walk one through the process and I was the customer!

Once they swiped the card it was a doddle after that.