Premium account, custom cards, friends pot + more

I would just like to list a couple of simple ideas and fixes etc.

1 Choose the date for you summery spending etc. I get paid 4 weekly so the summery is not completely accurate and I have to keep changing it every month. So have monthly, four weekly, weekly and so on.

2 I know some people like the coral colour card and I’m pretty sure other don’t like myself. It would be great if you could have a choice like a nice black premium one or other colours. Maybe even a premium account that has additional perks. I have had very bad reviews from friends saying they would not want to take out their card lol

3 When you pay into a savings pot it would be great to be able to see the transactions that have gone into the pot. So you can add note and understand where and when payments have been made.

4 This is just an idea that might be good for other but possibly a joint pot that you can do with other friends on monzo. So for example a holiday pot that grinds can put into and it shows in detail who, when, and how much has been put into the pot.

Anyways would be great to see these or at least card options and premium member etc.

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2 and 2a have come up numerous times in the last couple of years but the chances are still very slim. Clearly I’m not staff so have no inside knowledge on this but the brand identity that hit coral cards carry doesn’t appear to be anything they’re going to walk away from any time soon.

Similarly with the tiered account approach, nothing said to date suggests that this sort of thing is even on the horizon, particularly where the hoped for marketplace would probably be in direct competition with some of the usual so-called perks of a premium account.

We can only wait and see what really happens however!


number 1 is happening

  1. i think its to much of a brand to leave, the amount of times ive been asked about the card urly due to its colour shows it works.
  1. would like this, wouldn’t be surprised if we get this when savings are available with interest.

  2. is a cool idea, but would have no comeback if one of teh people from the group withdraw it all.


I love the coral, it makes it different, all the mainstream banks have dark cards of sorts,
Only thing id maybe suggest is just give it a bit more of a quality look, but thats all,
However i do understand that as a company using more expensive cards to acheive the same job isn’t the best place to be putting investment :slight_smile:


I completely agree with quality. My cards bent already and looks cheap.
The coral isn’t for everyone, I’m just surprised by the amount of people I know complaining about the look of the card. Makes me believe that potential lost customers there.
Either way, great experience with monzo so far :slight_smile:

I can see the point regarding brand identity to be fair. I still believe brand identity could be kept being a bit more discreet.
Kinda feels like I’m taking out a kids cards or like top up card from the post office :rofl:

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Great to see :slight_smile: