Graph for custom saving pots

So first of all I don’t mind the graph for my main account… I think its a good indication of income and outgoings.

However I’d love for this to be an option to put on the pots. Mainly the reason is, yes I’ll admit, I’m guilty of maybe, accidently, sometimes taking money out of my savings pit every now and then… Nobody’s perfect. So i think, with a graph It would be handy to see a visual of how fast or more likely how slow its growing.

And I know I could just look at the numbers but I do belive a graph like the one on the main account would be worth it…

Piece :v:

This feature has already been suggested. You can vote for it here:

That will be removed soon in favour of the new design that is being rolled out.

As a result I can’t see it being re-included just for pots but you never know. Vote in the topic above and if it gets enough votes it might persuade Monzo to rethink.

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