Pre existing Monzo current account features that needs further refinement or polishing!

Which makes the argument for the time being needed, doesn’t it? (Even without your spin on some of the status bits, it’s clear there’s a lot to do.)

On a wider point, though, find me a developer that would be just as happy running a merchant enrichment programme. It’s clearly a different skillset.


Not cancelled, delayed.

The problem, I think, is that these small jobs don’t ever go away. With every new feature, comes more small annoyances, more rough edges. It’s not glamorous, but I think monzo are getting to the point where they just need to knuckle down and tidy up some of these things.

I don’t expect them to administer it - I expect them to create a system that allows for crowd sourcing of data, local experts who can approve/deny changes, a tracking system so users can tell whether their request is waiting/approved/rejected, and so on. The current system is clearly proving impossible to manage.


It’s been taken out of Making Monzo and there’s no timescale for it :thinking:

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I’ve said it before but I’d be really happy to see a smaller sweeper team at Monzo who are dedicated to ironing out existing problems and strengthening existing features rather then working on solely new features.


Sweeper Squad, ACTIVATE!!


I think you have exaggerated some of the status’.

ISAs - whilst delayed, its been pushed back - I don’t think a “firm” date was ever set…

Loans - still in test and learn phasing, so feedback needs to be received so further iterations can then be developed

International Transfer - if work is still being done, why is that a problem?

Business Banking - a very small pilot started - you can’t just go gung ho with something like that?

Savings accounts - will be following the ISA Oaknorth partnership

You’ve then had more business developments:

  • Big Issue
  • Credit Card Integration
  • Small Mortgages Testing
  • Monzo Plus Testing

and I’m sure (this is off the top of my head) a few more pieces of development that are currently being undertaken.

Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean there isn’t a team back at Monzo that are currently developing requirements, rules, standards, concepts etc etc. Although we can’t see it, I don’t think Monzo are just sat there in a board room twiddling their thumbs.

They’re at a crucial point in their development as a business, so whilst a Sweeper Team like @anon99402360 has suggested is a brilliant idea, can they afford it? do they have the time to bring those guys in? do they have the time to section those guys off from a current development team?

I’m not saying that there are not little niggles and little bugs and things that need improving and iterating on - but other things are currently having to make way.


I think Monzo needs to setup a “Deadpool”

All those little things that slip through the cracks because they arent profitable enough to actively finish and polish.

Thats what we do in my place and then once a week a single developer will get time to try and tick something off the deadpool


Yep, that’s 4 more unfinished projects to add to my list…

Okay so stop Monzo doing anything new and they have to go back and sort out EVERY bug, problem, slight bit of annoyance before they can bring forward anything else?

I’m not saying I don’t agree with you that there are refinements that need to be made, but what other option is there?

We can both be right about this - to an extent, anyway - because it’s a balancing act for Monzo.

Right now, I think they’ve shifted too far towards new features, and neglected some of the basics, but I agree that they mustn’t give up on new projects completely.


100% - I suppose, at least for me, I don’t have any major gripes with the old stuff - it still all works well for me and I like seeing them exploring and testing the waters on new things.

Now if it gets 1-2 more years down the line and they still haven’t sorted those sorts of things out, then it’ll be a different story.

I’m definitely up for a Sweeper Squad though!


From @bamesjerry 8 days ago:

Finally: we’re not taking cheque imaging off the table completely. We just didn’t want to push it back a further X months and again realise that we’re actually not going to be able to work on it. With hindsight (and a bit more forward planning) we perhaps should have spent a bit more time scoping out what was actually required of us before committing to any timelines publicly.

Hey guys, I have been reading all the comments and sweeper squad will be an interesting idea. I am happy Monzo is trying different features and project but it would be lovely if small team is dedicated to polish all the unfinished or half baked features to ensure its smooth and feels like a mature feature .

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Yes a type sweeper hit squad could work, maybe they have odd days here and there dedicated to polishing some of these rough edges or maybe some Friday afternoon project work

One of the things ive noticed personally for this sort of thing.

Its easier to continue working on something than it is to go back and try and remember how something was coded and why…

There are 2 sides for this:

  1. Would be quicker to have original project team make improvements
  2. Useful to spread knowledge by using “sweeper squad”

Not sure if this is right place to post, but please could you updated the split the bill/personal transactions between friends so that it has the option to add notes, so it is possible to add descriptions to said transactions.

I love being able to describe every single one of my transactions, but if I do a split the bill with someone or they send me some money I can’t have a description on that one. Just a generic pre set info depending on what they typed in. Thanks!

You can vote for this feature here:

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Copying the card number. When copying it copy’s lots of spaces in the card number which may be fine for some sites but all the ones I’ve come across I’ll loose the last part of the card number as it will only paste the first 3/4ish and I have to go back and delete the spaces and add the last part of the card number in. Could it just copy the numbers with no spaces?


Noticing a lot of new features being rushed out by Monzo of late. Are there any plans to refine and improve any of the existing features?