POTS & related 🍯

Feedback / ideas / issues about Pots and payment to/from :smirk:

Pot image generator (credit to @rknightuk) :star_struck:

I did unachieve a few pots and noticed a limitation :point_down:

Looks like only 20 active pots are allowed for now :thinking:

@Alexferrigno needs a bigger categories allowance and I need a bigger pots allowance :sweat_smile::grin:


Yeah, 20 pots is the max.

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Hopefully it will be increased soon :pray:t6:

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There’s a β€˜hack’ to get 40 pots by opening a Joint Account (where possible)

While it is 2 different accounts, you can total up to 40 pots between your Joint and Personal accounts (up to 20 pots with each)

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It’s never too early, is it? :sweat_smile:

1 of my pots is Pension vision/target amount, still nearly empty :joy:

At Starling pot/space limit is Β£100k :open_mouth:
I wonder why?

I don’t really understand this thread?

Requests/issues/improvements get their own threads so they can be voted on, but this is just more of the same but without the organisation?


This is a simple β€˜β€˜Feedback & Ideas’’ topic :smirk:

If people need you to vote on something, I am sure they’ll invite you :wink:

Jesus a pot for pension now I’ve actually seen it all 🀦

If you haven’t already you seriously need to look at actual pension providers to save your cash in, not a Monzo pot.


For Β£1 I don’t think it really matters. By retirement that won’t even buy a freddo


You did indeed :rofl:

Yes, I know :grin:

Different people, different pots :relieved:. I may safe for a :airplane: if I want, who cares :star_struck:

I prefer Monzo pot instead tbh :expressionless:
At least I know how much I saved and can withdraw it NOW :man_office_worker:, not in 50 or 60 years :see_no_evil: when I’ll be :100:

It also won’t grow like a pension.


Yes, I understand. But Pension is a different topic :wink:

Need a mortgage for one of them :sweat_smile:


As I saved more than a set target, was expecting to see equivalent percentage, eg 145% :thinking:

Was it always like this? :flushed:

I don’t recall seeing anything above 100%

At a guess, Monzo will be calculating the percentage with a range of 0%-100%, as mathematically, 100% is the maximum possible percentage. In your example, once you hit Β£68 in your pot then you’ve hit the target (100% of the goal) - anything more is a bonus but not a percentage greater than 100% of the goal.

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Is it? I’m no mathematician so correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m sure percentages greater than 100 exist.

I’d say if you’ve saved Β£200 of a Β£100 target, you’ve saved 200% of your target.

Likewise, if something costs Β£1 on Monday but Β£3 on Friday, the price has increased 200%.

It depends on the context. Here’s a good explanation of when & when not to go over 100%:

"100% is your original whole. If we’re just taking a piece out of our original whole, more than 100% doesn’t make sense. For instance, if I said that 130% of my students passed the test, it makes no sense. 100% would be every single student. Similarly, you’re never going to get a 130% discount (unless they’re paying you to take the item.) When someone says they’re going to give it 130%, it’s hyperbole.

However, in Zimbabwe in 2008, the monthly inflation rate was 79,600,000,000%. There is no upper bound to percentages. So, when does it make sense to use over 100%?

We’ll use over 100% when comparing a new, larger quantity to a smaller old quantity.

A simple example would be this. Suppose my salary was $100,000. My whole salary is 100%. Then my salary becomes $130,000. It increases by 30% ($30,000) so I can say that my current salary is 130% of my old one. Of course the percent is going to be over 100, because 100% represented my old salary, and my salary is bigger now.

Also, sometimes there are increases larger than the original quantity, and your change is over 100%.

Suppose my salary was $100,000. Then it becomes $200,000. My new salary increased by the amount of my old one. That’s a 100% increase. But if my new salary was $300,000 then I got a 200% raise. In other words, I got a raise equal to double my current salary.

So when our friends at Apple talk about the graphics being 130% faster, they’re simply saying β€œa little over twice as fast.” The speed increased by the speed of the original (100%) plus another 30%."

So Monzo is treating the Goal amount as the original whole. Once you reach it, the whole is complete.