Pots Feed/Manage toggling toggle

Hello hello! I’m back with another silly question!

It looks like the Feed/Manage toggle is now out of labs and is on every pot.

Is there a setting to set it to default to “Manage”?

For most of my pots the thing I check the most is “left to pay” and now I have to press a button every time to see it. Which is pain when I have way too many pots :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I now have to swipe/tap/swipe/tap all the way through them!

Thank you all! :blush:

The app should remember the setting of the account/pot display. If you toggle from ‘Feed’ to ‘Manage’ under a pot, then scroll one way to another pot/account and then scroll back to the pot, the ‘Manage’ tab should still be highlighted. At least on :android: it is…

But there is still a bug with the :android: app - the ‘Left-to-pay’ display at the top of the ‘Manage’ feed of a Bills Pot is not shown initially. You have to scroll the transaction list up/down to have it shown.


Yep! This has been rolled out to everybody now :hot_coral_heart:

I’ve moved this topic into feedback & ideas so folks can vote on this idea :smiley::bulb:

I think it’d be neat to set default behaviours! Especially for Bills Pots where it’s arguably more useful to see “Left to spend” than the transaction feed :innocent:


Thank you very much :blush: It would be cool to be able to set it differently for each pot as well. So for a trad savings pot it would be useful defaulted to Feed but a bills pot might be defaulted to Manage.


Mine keeps defaulting back to Feed currently. Maybe it’s not meant to do that?

I noticed that.

Thought it was just me :rofl:


It stays set to Manage on iOS, too, but only until the app is no longer running in the background, then it returns to Feed.