Default to showing ‘feed’ not ‘manage’ in pots

As a freelancer, I use pots quite a lot to save for various things (pension/tax etc.) and I find it so frustrating that the default view on pots is ‘manage’ where all I can see above the fold is a prompt for me to use Apple Pay, which doesn’t interest me and I cannot remove. All I want to see is my ingoings and outgoings without having to toggle every time.

There was a hint in the code that this could be coming. But it’s not a guarantee.

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I think that’s a different thing. Pots come up with the ‘Manage’ tab selected by default and you have to change to ‘Feed’ to see transactions. Granted, the selection stays if you go off the pot and back to it, but generally all pots show the ‘Manage’ display as the default.

This would be a tricky one to get right from a UI/UX without a toggle (runs & hides)

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Ahh, in which case…