Default pot landing page Manage or Feed option

Hi Mzo

Is there any way to change the default landing page for pots… when ever I move from one pot to another I am always plopped back onto the Manage tab and have to “press button A” to go to the Feed tab… every…single… time…I change pots when reconciling…one mostly goes to the transactions and not there management of the pot … am I missing a trick with this ??,

Thank you for any feedback

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Thank you :pray:t2: it works …I would never have found that by random reward :banana::monkey: :banana: my apologies I did do a search prior to asking, but my search came up blank. Thousands of minutes will be saved :pray:t2:

Nope… it has reverted back to Manage again on all the pots … if I close the app and reopen it…:neutral_face:

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I think for as long as I remember this is the normal behaviour!