Nested Pots

Has the idea of nested pots been considered before?

To give a example of where it would be useful - currently I have a pot which I use to save towards car costs. If nested pots were a thing I could have individual pots for tax, insurance, servicing all neatly held within a parent pot called car.

I figure it would really help with budgeting but also keep monzo clear of clutter.

Ohh I like this.

I wonder if the upcoming changes to re-order and hide pots has considered this? Or perhaps negates this a little?

But I agree, and your car example is perfect!

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I would love this - as you say it would make budgeting super easy.

That’s exactly how I’d like to manage my budget - one super pot for “Travel” and I could have a pot for Holiday, Commute travel, Fuel, etc.

Then, the next powerful thing would be in each transaction having a “take money from (pot)” button.

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Yes, love this idea. Ideal for car stuff as you say. I also have a “memberships” pot where I save for a number of things which are payable annually but at different times of the year. Don’t want to have individual pots cluttering up my feed but this idea would work a treat for that kind of thing.

Welcome to the community by the way!

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A similar idea, but based on waterfalling pots - once one fills up, it spills into the lower one(s), etc.
Not strictly nested pots - but something that could be introduced if nested pots was an available feature;


That would be a really good concept too.

So much you could do with the idea of Pots!

It sounds more like you are referring to a group of pots and you name that group and see a summary of child pots.

I thought the idea had come up before but it feels like a long time ago.

Edit: This was what I remembered, I think. A slightly narrower description but the same idea.

I’m tempted to close this one now and so concentrate the voting in a single place.