Posting Card Overseas

Hi, I’ve just opened a new account but there is no facility to have my card posted to my France address where I am at the moment. When I try and edit my UK address to my French address it won’t accept the post code.

First card must be sent to your registered U.K. address. You need to keep your U.K. address there for regulatory reasons


It didn’t say that on the initial application, it asked for a UK address for registration but stated I could select a overseas address for card delivery.

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@Rat_au_van is correct, the first card must be posted to a UK address.

We can send replacement cards abroad, after a first card has been activated.

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Hi BethS, is there an additional fee for a replacement card to be posted overseas?

Hey @suriahselvam95, there is no fee for receiving it abroad! :blush: