Possible Bug Report: Annual subscriptions showing as monthly

I have quite a few subscriptions I pay for annually, and it’s quite disconcerting to see them tabelled as monthly commitments in the subscriptions list (which is otherwise great). I keep going back and triple-checking that something weird hasn’t happened. Examples are Evernote, Backblaze, Zoom, Amazon Prime. It should be possible to look at the account history to determine that these aren’t actually being charged monthly. I suppose a possibility is that I moved my current account to Monzo about a year ago, so perhaps there’s a bit of logic that tries to look for a year’s history and if it can’t find a full year, defaults to monthly? If that’s the case, it should default to annual if only one payment is found in history.

Change it to annual?

Monzo can’t/won’t know what your payment schedule is.

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