Positive feedback. Thank you Monzo!

I simply want to thank Monzo for their excellent service setting up a bank account for some Ukrainian refugees I am sponsoring. They are living in a house I was about to sell, a couple of miles from me, so I only see them every few days. Today they said they were having a lot of trouble setting up a bank account; they had been trying for a week and every bank seemed unwelcoming and obstructive so they couldn’t get the right documents to satisfy any of them. I remembered one of Monzo’s managers speaking at the Greenbelt festival about how the bank was trying to help refugees, so I suggested they try Monzo. Half an hour later, they told me “It’s done! We’ve opened a Monzo account!”

Excellent work, Monzo! Thank you!


It’s great to hear such amazing stories like this.

I hope the new refugees have settled as best they can, and I’m glad Monzo have been able to help them :pray:t3:

It’s also lovely to hear of the support you’ve managed to put in place with the house and no doubt many other pieces of support you’ve given them.


So good to hear! :raised_hands: :ukraine:


This is great to hear, well done for stepping up, Monzo

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Love to see it!

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