Portrait Monzo Plus cards

I think portrait Monzo plus cards would be a good idea because of people that want a different style of card, I’ve seen them about banks including starlin and Coinbase. I think they would make a good addition to the Monzo plus collection.

It’s rumoured that Monzo Plus is ready for launch soon, so sadly I would assume that the cards will have been sorted by now :slightly_frowning_face:

Surely you should shuffle cards rather than sort them? :innocent:

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Depends whether or not you are cheating :wink:


But what should these Portrait cards be made of? Titanium? Glass? The crushed souls of Remain voters?

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I never understand the fascination with how a bank card looks :man_shrugging:

For me, it will always be what benefit the attached account has for me and my finances, never whether it is portrait, landscape, or pretty.

As long as they are not all the same colour of course! :rofl:


If it’s not broken…