Portal TV

Looking to get this for a family member. Is it easy to set up via whatsapp ? I’m confused because everywhere on YouTube it explains how to use it via a Facebook account, but not WhatsApp ?

Looks very simple.

You just choose WhatsApp instead of Facebook.

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Thanks. That’s slightly different though ( I think )
The one i’m looking at is " Portal TV " which you hook up to your Television.
The one you just showed comes with it’s own screen.

I’m assuming the interface is the same, that should be fine ! Thanks.

First hit on Google/Bing is Facebook’s own help article…

Give your Portal TV a name and log in with Facebook or WhatsApp.


Given Facebook’s history and wayward approach to privacy, I’d probably sound out the person you wish to give it to first.

I don’t think I’d allow one in my house and I doubt I’m alone in that. It (and the company) creep me out.


Not disagreeing as I’m cautious in that approach too. However I dont see the harm if you disconnect it when not using it . No different to a WhatsApp video call right ?

…a WhatsApp video call that never ends.

It reminds me too much of a Telescreen from Nineteen Eighty Four, but I trust Zuckerberg even less than the Inner Party.


Disconnect it when not using?

Facebook is doubleplusungood

I have a couple of Echo speakers dotted around the house which is still ungood but I’d rather give Bezos my data than Zuck

That could work if you can be bothered/will remember/the device remembers its settings after powering down



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If anyone (even someone in my family) gave me a Facebook portal, I’d hand it straight back.

Such an evil company.

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If you’ve got nothing to hide then whats the problem? Turn the bugger off when not using it.

To be fair I dont even have Facebook, but that’s nothing to do with the company

It’s not about having nothing to hide, it’s about having your emotions and thoughts manipulated to serve Facebook’s customers (which is not us).

If you have Netflix, “The Social Dilemma” and “The Great Hack” are well worth a watch.

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I’m surprised you’re letting a spy camera into your home to be fair :thinking:

In fairness I wouldn’t use them but that’s because everyone I know either just types or sends voicenotes