Facebook Smart Displays (Portal)

Hmmm. I don’t see this competing with Google’s Home devices or Amazon’s Echo range. I also think the public is far less trusting of Facebook (Cambridge Analytica etc) than other companies which might well sink this.

Does anyone actually use FB Messenger for voice or video calls? I use it tons for text chat, but not at all for voice or video.

Yeah I don’t trust Facebook. Def would not be buying this.
I don’t use Facebook messenger at all.
Pretty much all I use is iMessage or WhatsApp (and I’m not exactly trusting of WhatsApp despite it supposedly being end to end encryption, purely because Facebook owns it).


I don’t trust Facebook at all and would never use these. I’m very careful what I post and have only recently relented and started using the lite version of messenger because I couldn’t get people to stop messaging me and got sick of having to log onto my computer to read them.

Couple of side notes; Plum and others existing in Facebook means I’ll never use these, what do others think. Also, I paid my 69p to WhatsApp years ago to be at free for life. Where do we stand now that Facebook own it and want to start shoving them at us?


Facebook ‘promises’ are not worth a rat’s ass.

They can do what they want when one in eight people on the planet use their shitty service.

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I’d never use this! I know all the big guys have questionable practises, but Facebook is the worst.

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I’ll second this. I know I give my data to Google and Apple, but Facebook are the only one I’ve actively left.

Reviews are in.

Still don’t know why anyone would buy this. It’s objectively inferior to the Google Home Hub and the risk of intrusion is higher.

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